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User Name:Denizen-110
Last Visited On:Sep. 17th, 2007, 22:30:29, PDT
Registered On:March 03, 2005
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Biography:Once, on an angst-filled night, an immature teenager found her way to this site. Some time later she gained control of her senses a little and left.
I shall return, more mature than before (haha), for it has always been my secret dream to be able to write fanfictions. :D And one day I will learn! You'll see! One day, I may write a decent fanfiction! Haaha, one day.

I love reading, drawing, singing, eating, playing sports, and writing (to a degree). I adore video games. I love anything with a historical influence, especially cyberpunk. Mmm. I like oddly-written books (Mark Danielewski, haha) and I like things with complex plots that make me think, while all the while being realistic/believable. Some of my favourite video game series are Metal Gear Solid (the plots! mm!), Devil May Cry (while not on par with MGS on a plot basis, DMC is just fun and badass) and Legacy of Kain (I like vampires?). I tend to enjoy a wide range of genres in everything: books, games, movies, etc. etc.

Except humour :c Unless it's very good, or complex, or subtle, I generally don't like humour. Especially those slapstick sort of silly stories.
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