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User Name:psyco_chick32
Last Visited On:Feb. 08th, 2012, 19:15:32, PST
Registered On:March 03, 2005
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet!

While I got my start in the InuYasha fandom, I am branching out into others, primarily the Power Ranger realm. I also am enjoying merging some of my favorite realms, so you may see some strange crossovers from me.

I am a fan of many anime, games and manga. Right now, my favorite anime/manga include Detective Conan, Sailor Moon (always a goodie) and Slayers, just to name the other top three. My favorite games include the Zelda, Final Fantasy and Tales series. My favorite non-animated series are Dollhouse, Firefly and Castle... and Power Rangers (MMPR-verse).

I have a strong infatuation with dragons (preferably in the D&D realm) and you'll often see them pop up in my work - along with a weird obsession with zombies (screw vampires!). I also adore pirates and steampunk xD If I could, I would live in a realm of fantastical, mythological romance and adventure.

I promise you that I will never leave a story unfinished. There may be dry spells (I work a minimum of 40 hours a week and have incredibly unrelenting health issues) but they will be finished.

I love to chat with my reviewers. If you have questions, comments, or even flames feel free to leave me a message. I like to hear all sides of a discussion, though I am a debater, so if you flame me, expect me to respond.

Most of all, I love constructive criticism. From grammar to word-choice to characterization, I am always willing to entertain comments and critiques. I may not always agree with them, but I love to hear them. I can always grow as a writer (any author who believes otherwise is deluded, to be blunt) and cannot do so without the encouragement of my readers. I'm not always correct, nor will I pretend to be. My readers have often corrected things I overlook in my haste to post or even common misconceptions.

On a more personal level, I live in Miami with my husband and have a cat, though I am a major animal lover and adore anything fuzzy and cuddleable and would have more if I had more room. I am a writer by trade (television news producer, not novelist, sadly enough) and a reader by choice.

InuYasha - I'm a strong canon-shipper. You'll rarely, if ever, see me stray outside Inu/Kag, Mir/San and Kagu/Sess. Occasionally I'll write Rin/Sess, but it will be where Rin is grown. I tend to see her more in the daughter role than as a lover. As of Fall '09, I've slowly begun stepping out of my comfort zone, beginning with writing my Mir/Kag (of sorts) fic "Waiting With You" for LuxKen27. I've also begun to appreciate SOME Sess/Kag fics... but I'm very picky. I don't appreciate fics that character-bash in an attempt to get non-canon couples together.

MMPR - TOMMY/KIM FOREVER. And Ever. And Ever. They don't belong with anybody else flails As for the others... grins I'm kind of a mix-and-match girl, though I'm a major fan of Trini/Jason and Trini/Billy. Kat/Jason is also an intriguing combination, as Aisha/Rocky is fun... and I'm kinda sorta starting to love some Rocky/Adam with slash goggles. (Rocky/Adam/Aisha is my OT3.)

Want to know more? Feel free to send me a message!

I'm a moderator at the InuYasha Fan Guild, an awards group dedicated to awarding "The Best of the Best" in the fandom four times a year. For more information, visit the website that I keep up (I am mainly our web mistress). I've won numerous accolades in various InuYasha awards groups and contest communities.
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