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User Name:Kaiba_wife
Name/Nick:Jarrell Davis
Last Visited On:Aug. 19th, 2005, 17:48:27, PDT
Registered On:April 04, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:jarrell_davis
AIM Handle:hldw35
Biography:My name is Jarrell
I'm a GIRL!!! and I'm totally in love with a certain CEO of Kaiba Corp.
I have a friend here Animeprincess check out her fics I'm in one! *smiles* I'll post a fic after I get adjusted here. Since I usually go to fanfiction.net, my name there is Silver Tsukino.

My hobbies are reading, writing, sleeping, watching TV, and Drool over my Kaiba pictures for 3 hours!

How old am I and where I live - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

AND THE LAST THING IS SETO KAIBA IS MINE!!!!! I MARRIED HIM!! though he didn't do it willingly! *smirks* blackmail is how i get everything I WANT!!

Well see ya later ppls.

You dont sleep. It's not because you love life toomuch to lay your head down, it's because youcan't or just dont want to. Sleep? Who cares,right? In fact, who really cares aboutanything? You dont. Maybe you're mad atsomeone for something they did, but itsprobably more than just one person who haspissed you off. People have probably told youto get over your issues lots of times, butthats just because most of them dont understandhow deep some scars can go.
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ur the girl who wants to be left alone, lighten upa bit and see that ur not the only one whowants to be alone
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