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User Name:Schnickledooger
Name/Nick:HAHA! Like I would tell YOU! XD!
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Registered On:April 04, 2005
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Biography:O.K, here's the facts about me and Manga. I am very particular about the type of Anime I like. In order for me to read and enjoy it, I have to like:1) It can have angst, but the humor must overwhelm those parts, because I hate angst to the max 2)the drawing type, 3)the plot has to have depth and be enthralling, 4)I have to like the characters!

The majority of my writing tends to be parodies of various scenes of actual canon material, or simply some twisted scenario my muse has dredged up from the pits of my mind. I tend to imagine my favorite characters in ludicrous situations and circumstances when I'm bored then can't let the idea go, thus many of my fics have been born. Humor is my specialty as many of my fans have declared, although recently, I have been dishing out very good family fluff with a side of angst that's surprisingly decent. Well, people do say one's writing evolves over time. I haven't lost my talent for humor, so I shall welcome this new skill with open arms!
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