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User Name:ani_manga_kat
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Biography:Nihao! I'm Kitty and I'm 13 now forever! I got the best presents but the favorite is of course the InuYasha plushie! Ok my fav pairings are all yamis with their hikaris and SetoxJoey! KagoxSessy MiroxSan and Inuxme that's right me and InuYasha! I love to draw and when I put myself inside the story I will have a pics of my character! What else...OH! If you need help understanding stuff in stories ask and better yet review! Oh yes my name is really Kitty if your wondering and I like to be called Kitty-Hankai or Kitty-Kun! Ok, see hankai is not a real word but I put together because youkai (demon) and hanyou (half-breed) cuz I'm a 1/3 cat 1/3 wolf and 1/3 human! Well, tell me how I do! I'll show people my hankai if they want to see.
For fics and how they are going:
Floppy Inuyasha (Inu): Summary: During Kagome's time in the feudal era they come across a sorceress youkai and Inuyasha is pulled into a deadly spell. What will happen to Inuyasha and the Inu gang without him?
Chapters 1 and 2 are up so read and review and I'm gonna revise them before I post the next chapter, 'sides almost done with the third, but if you can't wait check on Fanfiction. Disclaimer: I don't and if I did I would ask to be matched up with the sexy one, InuYasha-Sama. Kagome would be dead, sorry all you Kagome fans -can't even think about Kagome without wanting to hurt/kill her- Then I would want her with Sesshomaru and Rin as their kid.
R.L.Stine's The Boyfriend (Inu): Summery: Too bad about Inuyasha. He was in love with Kagome. She broke up with him. And then he died.Kagome's sorry, of course. But it's not her fault he's dead, is it? Besides, she never loved him. Boys are just toys, to be used and thrown away.But this time, Kagome's gone too far. Because Inuyasha is back. From the dead. For one last date with her....
It's in progress and not posted yet, self-insertion, PG-13 for murder, and Kagome's evil. Disclaimer: Don't own him.
Boat Trip (YGO): Summery: Seto broke up with what he thought was his true love. Yugi had the same kind of love trouble also. Seto's new friend in a rival, Yami, decides to take Seto on vacation with him, on a boat trip. Joey feels sad that Yugi's heart was broken so to help him, he takes him on a boat trip he was planning to go on with his sister, Serenity, who suddenly doesn't feel up to it. Rated PG-13 for language, graphic images, and violence. It's yaoi and it will change to NY-17 if I can write a lemon so I'm still thinking on it. SetoxJoey, YamixYugi, and RyouxBakura, MalikxMarik if I can put them in.
High School Kitty (YGO, Inu, Furuba, etc.): It's a self-insertion and it has a lot of anime so I'll put the ones I know in the thingie that tells you want anime series its based on. Summary: When Yugi saw the really big eye Yami disappeared so he feels unhappy, but acts like his happy self but is still searching for him. Then when he gets the tape from Pegasus he doesn't watch it and instead records Descendants of Darkness full season because Yami loved that show as in I do too. Mai lives next to Joey and is happy. Joey is unhappy because his Red Eyes B. Dragon was stolen by Seto when Joey wasn't paying attention. Joey got it back after he went to his house and asked Mokuba to get it but, Joey still felt sad because he had something else stolen from him so now he acts a little stupid because he is in his head half of the time. Yami's and hikari's have separate bodies in this fic. Also a couple of OC's are in this fic and Tea bashing! I believe a lot of OOCness too. People and animals from other anime/manga shall come in as you can see. -points to Inuyasha- And some objects in the story even talk! Rated PG-13 for many things, unable to name them, and this is the first fic I ever thought up, its a self-insertion. I ran out of room.. =^-^=