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Biography:Disclaimer: Don’t own NARUTO

A lone figure was under a cherry blossom tree that night and was crying. The lone figure was Sakura, because of Sasuke’s hurtful words she ended up there all night. All she could think about that night was the Uchiha’s harsh words and actions.

Sasuke who has just finished getting rid of his annoying and weak ‘teammate’ was walking towards his bedroom. While walking, he noticed that his house was blood-free and all was arranged neatly. He felt a wave of guilt passed him but just shrugged it off and continued towards his room to retire that night. While thinking ‘she deserves it, she is weak, annoying and isn’t minding her own fucking business’ and fell asleep.


Sasuke woke up early to train as usual. Right after his training he decided to rest against a cherry blossom tree near his house. When he nears it he saw Sakura leaning against it. When he got there he notices that she was asleep, thinking that she woke up early and fell asleep at the tree he just shrug it of and sat beside her. But when he sat there he notices that her breathing was uneven and she was paler than usual. He hesitantly touched her forehead, and quickly withdrew it because she was burning with a fever. Sasuke was now feeling guilty for making her leave, and wanted to say sorry but that can wait. Now he needs to bring her to his house to get her fever down. So he gently took Sakura on his arms and carried her back to his house.

When Sakura opened her eyes first thing she saw was the Uchiha’s angry face “Sasuke-kun?” the green-eyed kunoichi asked as with a little worry dripping from her voice. “ Sakura, what are you doing out side with such a high fever?! And I thought you were smart! Now you’re weak, annoying, and dumb! What else?! Huh?!” Sasuke’s shouting made Sakura wince “ Gomen I was just sitting there last night about what I did wrong as to why you kicked me out your house when all I did there was clean and took care of you, I think I fell asleep, gomen I think I’ll just go home and rest so that I won’t burden you anymore.” While getting up but two strong hands grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back in bed “ No you lay down your parents are away anyway so they won’t know and your still to weak to get up also I’m used of you being a burden so just stay. It’s not like you can take care of yourself in that condition anyway.” Sasuke said with no emotions or what so ever in his voice and face.

AN: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like it…and wish to get more reviews to be honest this is my first NARUTO fic. And if you have any pairings you like to add or like to add things to make the story cute please feel free to do so….
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