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User Name:TDAT-CrystalDragon
Last Visited On:Apr. 04th, 2013, 09:14:44, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2005
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Biography:UPDATE APRIL 4, 2013: Hey everyone, long time no see! I apologize for the long absence. I've been really busy with college and haven't been really motivated in the SDGF department unfortunately. However, I haven't given up on my Tide series. Or rather, the Tide of Hopes and Fears. I've gotten rid of the Tide of Ruin and Destruction as I was really unhappy with it, it had too much going on, and overall, it was just a huge mess. So that fic is completely irrelevant now.

That said, for the past couple years, I've been completely reworking The Tide of Hopes and Fears. It will follow the same basic plot but has tons more to it, including more backstory behind Kharn, Scourge, and all that, it will include some of the other dragon musha tribes (since all we got to see was Crimson the fire dragon musha). I'm getting rid of some characters and putting in new ones that I think will make the story flow even better. Overall, it's going to be a much better fic in my opinion, since my writing skills have gotten better since I finished that old thing.

I'm doing these revisions at my one pace since I'm focused on another series on another site. I'm really just sitting back and letting the inspiration come to me, and whenever it does, I write it down before I lose it, which is what's helping me make this fic better since before I never really sat down and plotted it out and thus there were a lot of plot holes. That being said, I don't know when revisions will be done. As I said, I'm focusing on school and my other series. I'm hoping after I graduate at the end of this year I'll have the other series done and then I can write out the whole story, then post up each chapter. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope the wait will be worth it for all of you.

Until next time, -Quarry

Wazzup everyone? The name’s TDAT-CrystalDragon, TDAT for short or just plain Quarry is fine with me. ^_~ Pretty much, I'm a young adult that still has a love for cartoons. My main interests are SD Gundam Force and Transformers.

I'll only be posting up SD Gundam Force fanfics on here. The following are the ones that are up on Mediaminer as of now:

---The Tide of Hopes and Fears -After a mishap, the Gundam Force is cast to a forgotten land on Solardiorama where a clone army threatens to take over all dimensions. Cut off from all other allies, the Gundam Force must team up with two inhabitants and the former Dark Axis trio to build an army of their own before it's too late.
Action/Adventure/Suspense –Status: Being revised

I also have a fanfic account here, though it's kinda on hiatus right now: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/782819/

Anyways, I do NOT accept flames. Keep your reviews clean. Also, please don't send me emails. I can't send messages back anyways, since my email can be a brat and not let me. Again, no flames and no emails. Thanky muchly. ;)

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