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User Name:Zpan Sven
Name/Nick:Beka Spake
Last Visited On:Sep. 30th, 2012, 16:46:52, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2001
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:Loa_Shawn
AIM Handle:bekaspake
Biography:Update time again? Hmm. I'm 24 now and finally graduated from college. My updates at this site are slow -- I tend to update my Fanfiction.Net, Ficwad.com, and deviantart accounts first mostly because of how Mediaminer limits how much I can have in my gallery and how it screws up my stories' formatting. Seriously, it says that HTML is an accepted format, then it makes it all one big glob of text! I loathe that!

I am OBSESSED with Anime and I have to admit that Anime has greatly influenced my artwork and that is why I have posted my artwork and fanfiction here. Most of my stories will be slow going since they are under heavy revision.

I hope you enjoy my artwork/fanfiction and I appreciate constructive criticism; however, I will mock all flames, especially pathetic ones that are along the lines of "ur art/fic sucks", so consider yourself warned.

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