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User Name:PrincessMelissa83
Last Visited On:Nov. 16th, 2009, 20:40:19, PST
Registered On:July 07, 2005
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UPDATE 02-19-08:
UPDATE 02-19-08:

Hmmm...I haven't been on here in a while. There's lots of stories that I wanted to work on and wanted to do, but then I just kinda lost my interest in doing Inuyasha fanfiction. I wish I hadn't because these ideas seemed really good, but I just don't think that I could have made them into the stories that they deserved to be. I am going to finish up the ones that I have actually in process that have been posted here with the exception of two: To Return to Love and The Roll of Thunder. I have changed the ending to To Begin Again so that it can stand alone without a need for a sequel and I may one day complete the sequel (which was inspired by The Lost Empire, the Halmark mini-series and after watching it I may get inspired again). The Spider's Web stands alone without a sequel and while The Roll of Thunder may be completed someday, don't look for it anytime soon. That just leaves me with completing The Inheritance and Spirited Away II: The Return. These will be done, eventually. As will my Romeo & Juliet retelling. I really would like to focus more on my original stories.

So, anyway, that's that.

Works in Progress (Looking for an update? Get ready for disappointment):

The Inheritance (PG-13) AU/Continuation
I've finished the first chapter so far and have an idea of where I want to go for the next chapters. It's just the process of getting it actually typed up that takes forever.

Possible and Planned Revisions (Big shocker there, no?):

I Still Love You
More chapters, more songs, more angst, more romance. I already got the first two chapters done.

Probably Wouldn't Be This Way
I am now satisfied with the first two parts, Probably Wouldn't Be This Way and Remember Me, but there is a definate third part to be coming.

The Spider's Web
I already changed the name 'cause I didn't even like the title Safety Net when I first wrote it. I'm just going back and making some minor changes to the time line and correcting any grammatical and spelling errors I see. It's turning into a bigger project that I first thought and can be found here http://pm83writings.deviantart.com

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