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User Name:Kage Tenshi
Last Visited On:Jan. 16th, 2007, 16:43:52, PST
Registered On:July 07, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:kage_tenshi89159
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Keiko is currently~ Watering plants

My Fanfics
Long Lost: on Hiatus Have you ever wondered what happened to Yusuke's dad? What if he had a twin sister? YYH

Make your Move: Complete Kagome waits for Sesshoumaru to finish what he started IY

One Big Kiss: Complete Inuyasha promises one big kiss! IY

Comfort Me: Complete Inuyasha is with Kikyou again, leaving Kagome at camp depressed IY

Who I Love: Chapters Completed- 11

Side Stoori(s)- 0

After 'Comfort Me'. Sango decides to play Matchmaker from the Taijiya village. IY

Summary for Ch. 10- Sango is struck down by a kunai glazed in nightmare serum! Can the Inu-tachi face Kyouretsu without the taijiya?

Summary for Ch. 11- Kamui is one of the weirdest incarnations of Naraku she has ever met! What is with this boy and finding out who she truely loves? Kamui weridness in this chapter, OH! and who is the weird braided hairedboy who thinks Kyouretsu is lost?

Inuyasha to Ryuu Kishi no Kaji- Chapters Completed- 1

Side Stoori(s)- 0

Naraku looked at the dead boy with a malicious smirk, “So, Rath Illuser, you finally took your own life?” he chuckled low, and pulled the large Dragon Sword from the boys body, it transformed into a small bell in his hands, Naraku smirked, “What a curious spell.” He attached the bell to black haired boy’s white belt. He gathered the dead body into his arms and transported himself and the knight back to his castle. Crossover, IY-DK


Future Fics :

Eryuser- Chapters Completed- 10

Side Stoori(s)- 2

There is a Winter hoilday party going on at your office, and you have no intention of going...Till Hughes "persudes" you other wise. Dragon Knights Crossover FMA-DK

More then One Flavor- Chapters Completed- 1

Side Stoori(s)- 0

Bankotsu is taught that there isn't just one flavor of tootsie roll and YOU learn that there is more to life then the ordinary Sugar induced, Possible AU. IY


Fav. Anime

Full Metal Alchemist
DN Angel
E's Otherwise
Full Metal Panic
Fell Metal Panic? FUMOFFU
Yu Yu Hakusho
Rurouni Kenshin
Fruits Basket
Samurai Champloo
Azu Manga Daioh


Dragon Knights
Lament of the Lamb
Demon Diary


Static Shock
Justice League
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Batman Beyond
Pirates of the Carribean



"The Starscream doll says..pretends to pull an invisable cord DIIIE!"~ Laura Dorris

"NOW your usin' your head!"~ Static
"Not Really, ..I just like to blow stuff up."~ Hotstreak

"~and then you next album will go..Aluminum."~ Larry the Cable Guy

" I believe... If life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...And try to find someone whose life is giving them vodka...and have a party."~ Ron White

" I believe.. if you show me a 3yr. old runnin' around a flee market in nothin' but a diaper and a 3 oz. bottle of coke, and I'll show you a future Nascar fan."~ Jeff Foxworthy

"I was flying my kite and this guy walks up to me 'Flyin a Kite?' 'Nope fishin' for birds'. There's your sign"~ Bill Engvall

"Toda~y I wanna ~ FLY!"~ Laura Dorris
"...Well, I can Pick you up and throw you."~ Me
"That...WOULD BE SO AWsoMe!"~ Laura Dorris

Laura~ AH! Roman you breathed in my applesalse! You shouldn't breathe in other people's applesalse! Now my applesalse taste like Roman Breath!
Roman~ is laughing his off
Me~ Does it smell good?
Laura~ hm. sniffs applesalse YES! Here smell
Roman~ sniffs AS
Me~ waits till Roman stops sniffing AS well?
Roman~ It smells like grapple.
Me~ ...?sniffs AS grapes and apple...

Thatz~ You know, Ever since you got your head chopped off, you've been acting kinda werid.
Rath~...Well, Duh!

Thatz~ Huh? What's that?
Rath~ A big rock.- Stating the Obvious -
Thatz~ I can see that, Rath.

Rune~ I can't abandon Tintlet. I'll go ahead with her to find her spirit and memory. You two continue on with the mission.
Rath~ I've never seen Rune like this before.

Sanzo~ I'm sorry, but I can't concentrate. Not with those two morons in the backseat.
Hakkai~ I'm Trying to ignore them.
Sanzo~ Really? How's it going?
Hakkai~ ...Not so good.

"It’s very good. You wrote it? Being a guy, of course, I still have to say a word about the whole all-guys-are--and-shovenists stereotype. But, of course, I know that the story does not intend to portray that and bla bla bla.
But anyway, it is a great story, and quite funny, and, yes, that jerk is a shovenistic -creep that seeps up from the sewers into those poor girls’ mini-skirts.
(Aren’t you proud of me for that last sentence._)" --David H. (after he reviewed the first chapter of my fic Eryuser)

Gir~"I've got chocolate bubblegum!'


Bunny and Laura~"Babies, babies, babies, babies-"

Laura~doin' the baby-dance

Gobet : I wonder who came up with the word stuff
Gobet : o_O
Gobet : The mystery we would all like to know...

Me~ Whenever I have to face my fears, I have to throw up!

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