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User Name:bananagurl
Last Visited On:Jan. 01st, 2007, 17:58:29, PST
Registered On:July 07, 2005
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Biography:Hello! I am BananaGurl, aka Banana-chan (as I'm so *lovingly* called by my camp friends). My real name is Benita. My nicknames (Grr, Riona) among my close friends are either Bee, Bee-chan, or Ben-chan.

I like things ... and dislike others. Lots of others. So I won't waste your time by posting up a long list. Or two. So yes. I like a lot of pairings (all from Naruto, XD I don't like expanding my horizons), so I won't post them ALL up here. Just a few. Those few include:


Anyways ...

!Story Updates!

Easier to Run:
I know, I know. I just, like, kind of, haven't updated for ... a month ... or so. So, anyways, I'm going to redo all the chapters (again!), because the structure of the chapters now is much to cramped, so I'm uncramping it. *nods*
New Story:
I'm thinking of writing a new story, I don't know what I'll write about, though. I've been writing a lot of one-shots, lately - short ones, might I add, so I guess they're really just drabbles -, but I'm going to try and write another story. I've been wanting to for ages, I just haven't come up with a plot yet.

So there.
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