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User Name:SPD Gold Ranger
Name/Nick:Nick Kelly
Last Visited On:Feb. 02nd, 2008, 19:00:42, PST
Registered On:August 08, 2005
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You can find more of my works on these fine sites:


I'm highly into drawing and writing stories (the latter should be a big 'double-duh', otherwise, why would I be on this site?). I'm not the best drawer around, but I'm proud of my work. I write for anime and cartoons that strike my fancy. (W.I.T.C.H., anyone?) I'm a highly imaginative boy, so you may never know WHAT I'm going to write about...

For now, I'm just porting some of my FanFiction.net and FictionPress.com stories over here so you lovely people can read my stories, but I may do a MM-exclusive work sometime in the future, maybe during Christmas break... (YAY! Presents galore and a whole two weeks with no school!!!)

And, at last, my MediaMiner exclusive story, "Doerai: The Face of Betrayal" is coming VERY soon!
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