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User Name:Demon Priestess Saturn
Last Visited On:Aug. 05th, 2008, 14:56:54, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:dpriestess
AIM Handle:spiderlily3355
Biography:01-06-07: See below...

Coming up:

Pitch Black Chapter Eleven
Phantom Of Time Chapter Fourteen
Frozen In The Snow Chapter Thirteen
Kingdom Hearts: Dance Of Deception Chapter Four
Final Fantasy VII: The Jenova War Chapter Two

Stories Most Likely To Be Posted Soon:

The Prophecy Of The Three Kings- This is due to popular demand.
Castlevania: The Belmont's Curse

Future Anime Story Plans:

Ayashi No Ceres

1. Double Trouble
Gundam Wing

1. Gundam Wing Evolution


1. Lost Souls
2. Rose Red

Ronin Warriors

1. Hearts Of Fire and Ice


1. Twisted Reality

Samurai Champloo

1. Samurai Heart

Yu Yu Hakusho

1. Dangerous Accusations
2. The Prophecy Of The Three Kings- New! (This is the story after the Nightmare's Saga. I know a few of you were wondering about the next part I have it listed right here. It's in the hat right now. Give me a little time to brainstorm for it.) New!

Future Game Story Plans:


1. Castlevania: The Belmont's Curse
Star Ocean Second Story

1. Fury Of Wildfire
Deleted Fanfics:

After The End: Why? Well I couldn't keep the plot going. It's not because of my fans. I love my fans I just couldn't continue the plotline at all. I just didn't have enough things to keep it together. Sorry all. T_T; I promise to do better next time... Runs around like Ritsu screaming "I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry! Forgive me world! I am such a horrible person!"

Story Title Changes:

Rain- Pitch Black

Anyways talk to you all later and I will update this periodically after each update, possibly sooner.

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