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User Name:Drake Clawfang
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Registered On:September 09, 2005
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The only characters I own are Raijin, Kagemusha, Yuka and Oinari. And even then, I own them only in artistic liscense: if someone else uses them there's nothing I can do but ask them not to. I do not own Inuyasha, Yugioh, or any other anime franchise.


Broken Dreams: Best Tearjerker, the Destined Awards, 3rd Quarter 2008, 2nd place.

Dark Heaven: Nominated for Best AU/AR Dec. 2006-Jan. 2007 at the Feudal Association. Tied with two others stories for 3rd place.

Displacement: Best Legend, The Destined Awards, October 2007. Best Action/Adventure, Canon, Characterization (Toga), Inuyasha Fanguild, 3rd Quarter 2007, Nomination(s). Best Character Portrayal (Toga) 2nd place, Best Fight Scene 1st place, Best Legend 3rd place, The Destined Awards, 2nd Quarter 2008. Best Drama, March 2008, Feudal Association. Best Action/Adventure, Inuyasha Fanguild, 1st Quarter 2008, 3rd place. Third Annual Maximum Challenge 2008, 1st Runner-Up, The Road Not Taken. Best Canon, Inuyasha Fanguild, 2nd Quarter 2008, 3rd place. Best Characterization (Inuyasha), Feudal Association, 2nd Quarter 2008.

Everybody's Fool: 4th Quarter 2006 Best Songfic/Poem, IY Fanguild. Nomination.

How to Write a Sess/Kag Fic: Best Gag Fic, Eternal Destiny, The Destined Awards, October 2007. Third Annual Maximum Challenge 2008, Winner, The Ones Left Behind

Love Me, Kill Me: Best Melodrama, the Destined Awards, 3rd Quarter 2008, 3rd place. Best AU/AR, Feudal Association, 2nd Quarter 2008.

One Last Time: Best Tearjerker, the Destined Awards, 3rd Quarter 2008, 1st place. Best Oneshot, Feudal Association, Third Place, June 2008.

Paradox: Best Tearjerker, The Destined Awards, 2nd Quarter 2008.

Perfect: Best Musical Fic, The Destined Awards, October 2007

Personal Decor: Best Humorous Fiction, June 2009 at the Feudal Association.

Summer Heat: Nominated for Best Oneshot Jul.-Aug. 2007 at the Feudal Association.

The Book of Shikon: Nominated for Best Drama Dec. 2006 at the Feudal Association.

The Seventh Key: Best Nightmare 1st Place, Best Fairytale 2st Place, The Destined Awards 2nd Quarter 2008.

Two Inu's Are Better Than One: Best Lemon, March 2008, Feudal Association. Best Lemonade, the Destined Awards, 3rd Quarter 2008, 1st place.

Most Creative Author, the Destined Awards, 2nd Quarter 2008. Most Articulate Author, the Destined Awards, 3rd Quarter 2008.

--The Sess/Kag Pairing--

I hate it. I hate it with a passion. Look in my stories, I've written a parody of them! I've accepted that for some reason, many authors think this pairing plausible. But I just cannot see it! I mean...come on! When do either of them ever express the slightest interest in each other? There's lots more evidence to support Sess/Rin and Sess/Kagura pairings than there is to support Sess/Kagome, and the latter two are much more believable.

Sess/Kag does not make sense, ok? It's not opinion, it's fact. Why is it fact? Because its a fact Sesshomaru and Kagome have never shown any romantic interest in each other, it's a fact he's tried to kill her on a more than one occasion, its a fact Kagome loves Inuyasha (she says so herself, thank you), and its pretty obvious he loves her back. Sess/Kag ain't gonna happen, accept it. Yes, we have fanfiction, but unless its an AU, you're gonna have to pull a pretty big stretch of the canon to get those two together. I've heard there's stories that keep them in character and still get them together. I don't care. A warm fire I have to wade through a musky swamp of crap to get to isn't worth my time. Take it from me, most Sess/Kag stories are just badly written, plain and simple. And I've read my share, I'm not without justification in my hatred. If I've left you a bad review for a Sess/Kag story, well, sorry but your fault. I don't hate every Sess/Kag story I've read, but if I read a story that has little to no value, guess what? I'm gonna say so. I call it like it is, and if I think your story sucks, then I'll tell you. If you can't handle a bad review, then don't post the fic.

I loathe this pairing with a fury unseen since the times of religious persecution. Sess/Kag stories by mere definition defy all canon logic, and more often than not screw with other established canon facts, make characters act OOC, introduce numerous shallow 2D OCs with no backstory, and lift Sesshomaru onto a high pedestal while kicking Inuyasha down to the role of abusive jerk in the same motion. Somehow I doubt that the two of them fantasize about each other, or have always found each other attractive, but Sess/Kag fics do it. If you wanna pull that crap, write an AU, keep the canon canon, ok? And if you think that I'm the only one that thinks this, think again, look at my parody; 250 reviewers, 4000 hits and 80 favs can't all be wrong.

In the meantime, I try and stay away from Sess/Kag fics, but now and then I bite the bullet and read one to see if it's half-decent. I've come to expect very little from Sess/Kag pairings, and in expecting little, my expectations are still not met. Is it that difficult to *not* write Inuyasha as an asshole, or to keep the characters in-character? Apparently, it is.
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