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User Name:Licentia poetica
Last Visited On:Jul. 24th, 2019, 21:39:51, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2005
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Biography:Licentia poetica is Latin for poetic license. If you've read my stories you know that I'm a biologist and that I'm still quite new to writing: I've only been doing it for a few years now but my muses and I have become best of friends (Cawfeather being the youkai crow who tries to keep me on track with Inuyasha stories). 'Facets' has taken longer than I'd hoped (RL sometimes takes over when I'm not looking) but I will not abandon it! I hope I've been able to entertain you with my odd sense of humor and my random forays into science, philosophy, and parody.
Oh yeah�why iPoe?

My name's much too long in the realm of the blog
To type in at midnight when all's in a fog
But Lice? Eww! Now really, I just have to say
My muse gets offended when addressed that way.

Now iPoe: I'm not sure if Apple'd complain
Since iPod and iSight and iTunes remain
Part of their business, but Edgar I'm told
Won't mind (`cause he's dead) and the raven's so old.

But what's in a name? Call me what you will!
LP is the easiest typing, but still
iPoe is quite fun, and LiPo very nice
but please�I really don't want to be Lice.

New information as of July 2014: after years of hiatus (illness, surgeries, major hard-drive crash and a discouraging flame review arriving as I tried to pick up the pieces, new job) I have begun to write the final chapters of 'Facets'! I want to send a huge thank you to those of you who have stuck by the story in spite of my prolonged absence; your continued comments and kindness have been a huge reason why I came back.
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