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User Name:funkmasterjo
Name/Nick:Joseph Lowe
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Registered On:November 11, 2005
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The name's Joseph

Age? Doesn't concern you

Location? That should concern you even less

Contact information? What the... WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?.!
Anywhays, I dab in reading many fanfictions from the "anime" and "game" categories, I guess... I actually wrote 1/2 a chapter of a fanfic called "The Grove", a Guilty Gear faniction as a testing to see weather my skills were at a level where I wouldn't bother anyone, and... well here I am. "The Grove" was deleted becausue... well, I couldn't finish the other half. That is to say... I didn't know the names of the special attacks! Horrible reason to delete a story? Well, what do you want from me! Learning all these moves' names... difficult stuff. In the game, you never worried about the name, only that it blew stuff up in the way you wanted it to.As for "Hurricane Yoh"? Hmmm... I'll say that, I'm proud of it. Like... fatherly proud.

(If you're going to laugh at me, at least do it where I can't hear you... jerks)

I've always loved Shaman King, and especially the character Yoh. Yoh is awsome beyound compare. You dare compare something to Yoh? Then you're a fool, and beneath my notice. BEGONE!

I'm going to reconcile some of the issues I had with the way things went down in the anime (the later episodes... were almost down-right frightening in their deviation from the ones at the start, or so I think)
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