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User Name:Gladiel
Last Visited On:Dec. 30th, 2005, 06:37:33, PST
Registered On:December 12, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:noxiousbunny
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:First of all, Gladiel is female. She is more commonly known as "Nicholas" in the world of online data, and even under that name she is still female. She is sixteen and a Roman Catholic who believes in God but doesn't keep very religous traditions.

Gladiel is a struggling, high school procrastinator. She fails in subjects like Chemistry and fears Algebra. She doesn't always do her best, except in projects that interest her, but she does what she can. There's a difference.

She had been diagnosed with an incurable disease called "manga addictosis" ever since she entered a school that owned their own religious confinement dungeon. It's not quite so rare, and a bit infectious if a nearby person spends too much time indulging in the same pleasures without a good-working immune system.

Gladiel is an abnormal beyond abnormalities. At least, that is what other people say. She does not like touching birds, for some odd reason. Gladiel believes that nerds are potential rock stars. Or pop stars. Or falling stars. She can't make a good joke but usually makes a fool of herself to recompensate that.

Gladiel likes Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean dramas. She doesn't mind if she watches Frog Prince in a local channel. Gladiel wishes she was an anime character so she can stop living in real life, defy the laws of physics, and transform into a chibi kind of inhuman form. She is an avid fan of the Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing, so obviously mirrored by the number of fan fics she had written in support of the couple. Aside from that, she loves killing herself by drowning in manga and drama, with a drink of poisonous anime to end it tragically.

And last but not the least, Gladiel is a bunny. Please do not forget that.
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