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User Name:MistressofHeaven
Name/Nick:Brittany Owens
Last Visited On:Nov. 06th, 2006, 12:40:08, PST
Registered On:December 12, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:spanishteresa15
AIM Handle:spanishteresa
Biography:My favorite anime (in alphabetical order): Blue Gender, Cardcaptors (Card Captor Sakura), Case Closed (Detective Conan), Code Lyoko, Cowboy Bebop, the entire Dragonball trilogy, Duel Masters, FLCL (you pick the spelling), Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Fushigi Yuugi, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Gravitation, Gundam 0089, Gundam 08th MS Team, Gundam SEED, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, One Piece, Outlaw Star, Paranoia Agent, Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave), Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Samurai Champloo, s-CRY-ed, Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Trigun, Weiss Kreuz, Witch Hunter Robin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Zatch Bell...and more forthcoming!
Pairings I like to read:

Cowboy Bebop:
Spike/Faye (love those two to death)

Fruits Basket:
Let's face it: There's not too much choice (unless you're into shounen-ai, which I am into, but not with most of these guys) but:
Shigure/Mii-chan (they'd definitely be together if she weren't his editor and/or he didn't drive her up a wall every time they saw each other)
Kyo/Arisa: Uo-chan for anyone who's confused (their personalities just mesh in my eyes; those two just...click)
Hatori/Shigure (I got the idea from Axiomatic, the official Hatori and Shigure fanlisting, I swear! It never would've crossed my mind otherwise)

Full Metal Alchemist:
Roy/Riza (as soon as the apparent stalemate's over, they're gonna be all over each other, I just know it)
Riza/Jean (if Roy ever died, she'd run to him)
Roy/Maes (this is the first shounen-ai pairing I ever read; I enjoyed it and soon it was like a bad habit. Damn FMA writers!)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex:
when I see a pairing, I'll let you know (even though someone tried a Motoko/Togusa that was totally crackheaded, which was a shame, because those two would be...intriguing)

with this anime, anything goes as far as I'm concerned (crack pairings, anyone?) but I especially like:
Tatsuha/anyone (and I've seen some wild ones)
Sakano/K (I know they're complete opposites, but opposites attract, and those who write for this pairing are either really good or funny as hell)
Note: If you dare, read The Rose Line (ff.net; trust me, it's good): psycho Tohma, a pact with the king of demons, a heroic, if reluctant, Shuichi, and plot twists galore. It freaking pwns.

Miroku/Sango (Inuyasha/Kagome can be thrown in on the side, but I just can't read the crackheaded stories with them as the main ones)
Sesshomaru/Kagura (no offense, Sess/Rin fans, but I think they have morea caretaker/ward relationship; and she's one of the few that can handle him)

One Piece:
Zolo/Nami (I can totally see those two together)
Zolo/Sanji (yep, shounen-ai again; they just have a dynamic that screams sexual tension)

Mimori/Ryuho (they're destined for each other)
Kazuma/Kimishima (sorry Kazuma/Kanami lovers, but she just looks illegal; besides, I'm getting this thing for best friends: see above pairings)

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Botan/Hiei (apparently 95 percent of Yu Yu Hakusho writers agree, but it's starting to lose my interest)
Botan/Koenma (I've been a fan since I saw Teen Koenma)
Kuwabara/most people (he's the only character I can ever read with an OC, and he's so sweet)

Zatch Bell:
Kiyo/Sherry (I know she's got a thing for him, lol)
Kiyo/Suzy (she's in love with him, and who knows what the future brings?)

Note: All other anime I'm too scared to read or I only dabble in because I want to be able to think of the anime in good terms ten years from now, or I can't remember the anime too well and I don't like reading about stuff I can't remember (most of the time).
Currently in the works:

Cry and Scream: (Inuyasha) Oneshot. AU. Kagura sings her last song, but it's not about freedom. Rather, it's about the one person she wouldn't mind losing her freedom to. Songfic. Status: It started out as a Cowboy Bebop one, but it's becoming a Kagura introspect. My muse, Hikari, is very strange.

The Sins of the Brother: (Full Metal Alchemist) "We were, for all intents and purposes, brothers. Of anyone, I couldn't let his coffin rest on my conscience." Roy looks back on his relationship with the brother he never had, but always knew was there. Status: Three chapters complete, starting chapter four soon. Don't see more than seven chapters.

Don't Call Me Yuki: (Gravitation) Now that they were stuck with Yuki Kitazawa's son Riku, Eiri wants nothing more than his true name. Shuichi just doesn't understand. Might have spoilers. Status: Started it once, but hated it. Still like the idea though, so I'm trying again.

For the Love of Sakano: (Gravitation) Oneshot. Epilogue to Producers, Managers and Gun Wielding Americans: angsty ending (gotta ask first; I learned my lesson from Yuki's Breakfast) from Noriko's point of view. Status: Complete, in my mind. Gotta get it on Word.

When She Wants Him Back: (Gravitation) Sakano has a heart attack. But wait...who's that at his bedside? He has a first name? What do you mean, he's not coming back? Status: Figured out, writing it after Caught in the Undertow. Have to get Linkin Park outta my head.

Ghost in the Shell: (Full Metal Alchemist) Oneshot. He hurts just as much as the man she's dragging out of the bar. He just knows how to hide it better. Status: Was almost finished, when I lost the disk it was on. Of course I'm pissed, because I have to start over.

The Strength to Face My Fears: (Inuyasha) Based on episode 100, "The Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow." Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippo are trapped in their worst nightmares, but are fortuantely saved from them. "Thank you Inuyasha, for the strength to face my fears." Status: Waiting for aforementioned episode to air on [adult swim]. Hopefully this will be before I am old enough to drink.

All the Lonely People: (Inuyasha) Oneshot, maybe twoshot, we'll see. AU. Sango, the lone survivor of a vicious massacre by a myterious attacker, lives with Kaede, the caretaker of a church. This parish is getting a new priest. Guess who? Based on a song, but NOT a songfic. Status: This isn't high on my priority list, so I may not start it until after the new year.

For the Same Thing: (Cowboy Bebop) Oneshot. After a year, Faye's back on Earth, reminiscing about the man who drove her only further away from everyone. Based on a song, but I don't know if I'm making it a songfic. Spoilers. Status: Will start it after New Year's.

Where the Stars Fall: (Inuyasha) There is a place between this realm and the afterlife, where those that have died with "unfinished business" with others can wait for that person to arrive. Enter Kagura, the most troublesome person we've ever had. Spoilers, maybe. Probably. Status: Don't know how long it will be. Figuring that out first, before I start writing.

Caught in the Undertow: (Gravitation) Pre-anime, pre-manga. Twenty-four-year-old Ryuichi Sakuma, disowned and emotionally scarred, just lost his only escape from his pathetic life, all thanks to an ambitious young businessman named Tohma Seguchi. Status: I've created a monster. Once I rope this in, I'll try posting it.

(currently untitled): (Inuyasha) Just a one-shot as an excuse to use the quote, "What the hell is going on between Naraku and Sesshoumaru!?" Nothing perverted. I hope. Status: Putting it off as long as Dark Hikari will let me.

(currently untitled): (I have no clue) Something about dead roses. Maybe this will turn into something for a fandom I haven't written for yet. Maybe One Piece, or s-CRY-ed. Fruits Basket looks very promising.
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