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User Name:anime_junkie92
Name/Nick:Chiisai (Chii)
Last Visited On:Oct. 29th, 2010, 17:32:37, PDT
Registered On:January 01, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:anime_junkie92
AIM Handle:LuvBoyonBoy92
Biography:I'm a chick with a crazy personallity. Even though I have about only 8 ppl who really care for me not including my family cuz they couldn't care a rat's @$$ about me XP. I have many diff personallities like Kichi, my kitty personallity and many more. I love to read and write and i love meeting new ppl. I watch anime every single day, and watch different verities and interests in anime. I just love reading hentai and yaoi fanfics....yea i know i'm perverted cuz it's true lol. I own about 26 mangas but read WAY MORE...just ask my libary. I own 3/4 of the Inuyasha movies and that's all preatty much own. I heard of many animes and stay up late and wake up early too. I'm a divoted otaku!!!

Alter Egos
~Chiise- the polite kind one

~Nenene- the badass that likes to get me in trouble and get me suspenended

~Kichi- my neko side that likes to bite ppl

~DarkStar- Goth, punk side

~Rin- she hates violents, she innocent and pure.

~Sai- my energetic, hyperactive side of me

Fave Yaoi Pair

SesshoumaruxNaraku- don't ask y i just do


RusselxEd- just the thouht of them just gives me chills

HisokaxTsuki- i just adore them together^^

KyoxYuki- just don't ask cuz i don't even know my self

and plenty others!!!
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