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User Name:toastyann
Last Visited On:Jan. 07th, 2009, 06:14:44, PST
Registered On:February 02, 2006
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Biography:Hmm. Allow me to tell you everything there is to know about wondrous me (-snort- wondrous...yeah, right).




All right, so I'm not really -that- wondrous. Not to say that there isn't anything interesting about me though, it's just that if I do tell you about what's interesting about me, I might come off as an arrogant snot, and I'd rather not be that. Heh.


So. Here's the basic facts about me. Dunno if you'd find them interesting though.

I'm 21 years old, female, and Filipino. I'm supposed to have finished college by now, BA in Humanities with a Professional Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications, but the fates have decreed that I am not yet ready for the real world, and as such, had caused me to flunk two subjects. So now, I have the dubious honor of being a "supersenior" and will graduate next year. Yay. Oh well, at least I have more time to focus on acing those two wretched subjects.

Being productive also means honing my writing skills, which I do through fanfics. Ah, writing. Not just that, but reading as well. I don't know, there's something about the written word that draws me to it.

The written word is my passion, something that makes me love life a little more. Writing and reading are two of the most beautiful things in the world for me for two reasons. One, reading makes it possible for me to immerse myself in other worlds when the real world lets me down. It helps me escape disappointments for a while, and at the same time gives me the will to overcome them through the learnings I get from the stories I read.

Writing, meanwhile, helps me figure out how to solve problems when thinking about them don't. It also helps me gain a sense of discipline, something I sorely need. It is a way for me to gain knowledge, both about myself and about the world around me. And if inspiration strikes, writing gives me the power to create worlds I could only dream of. For me, the written word is a gift, one that I treasure very much.

Okay, time for me to stop being so mushy about the written word now. Anyway, I'd love to write / I'm currently writng for the following anime and videogames (those two being my interests as well):

The Vision of Escaflowne:
I haven't finished watching the series (I have it on DVD), but one of the main reasons why I love it is because of the music. Yoko Kanno is an incredible composer; listening to her music always gets my creative juices flowing. Recommended pieces include Again, Angel, Farewell, Romance, and The Story of Escaflowne.

Rurouni Kenshin:
Kaoru is why I'm writing for this series. She's a female character who's both strong and weak at the same time--the perfect victim--er, character for me to exploit--I mean, write about. Hehe. -sigh- I swear I'm going to finish this story, even if it's the last thing I'm going to do! The Journey has gone through quite a lot of revisions, and past efforts never had Kaoru leaving the boat! I've been working on this since Sophomore year. I hope to finish this by the time I'm, at the most, 25.

I'm a recent convert to this series, and I'm reading the manga before I write anything. But I've got a one-shot in mind though, probably a Kagome-, Sango-, or Kagura-centric one.

Fire Emblem 7 & 8:
Well, I'm done with the FE8 one-shot, and I'm planning an FE7 novelization. Yes, I know, its not that imaginative an idea, but I hope that what I'm planning would give the novelization a little twist. However, what I'm planning for this series is still in the far future, since I'll be focusing most of my writing efforts on The Journey.

IMPORTANT: I reposted Chapter Six. FYI. ^_^
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