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User Name:SweetStranger0102
Name/Nick:Serenity Gellaine
Last Visited On:Mar. 07th, 2006, 00:55:50, PST
Registered On:March 03, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Whole Name: Serenity Gellaine Santiago

Code Name: SweetStranger0102

Age: 14 years old.. andi'm only a beginner so i'm sorry if i'm messing up with my fics.. there's a saying that "you can't please everybody"..

More things about me:

Contentment: everything in my life sets on that word, for I know thatís what I am. I am contented with my life. Right now Iím having a simple and happy life. I can say that Iím not a spoiled brat. Yes, I can get whatever I want to but I donít. Life for me is simple. Just live life to the fullest and always think that itís the last day of your life.

Emotionally Unstable: Thatís what I am. I am having a rapid mood shifts all the time. All the time I act like a child Ďcoz Iím the youngest among my sisters. But one thing I want to prove them is that even if i still act like a child I can stand on my own feet and be independent. Iím a persistent person. I can talks the talk and walks the walk. Everyone says that I canít live without my sisters and parents supporting me but theyíre wrong, I really want to prove them that Iím tough enough to carry my own problems and burdens even thought it lessen whenever I share it with my sisters. Yes, I can be a total biatch and short tempered at times. What struck me the most about my personality was the fact that I can still act the way I does even though I am having a big problem, what I mean is being a jolly and babbly person, I just canít help myself not to speak a single word at a time. I can also change my whole mood within a few minutes. I can be your best friend but I am such a pain in the ass. Others say that Iím just a typically good natured girl and so innocent that I canít even eat on my own without any helpÖ wrong again! do I look like an innocent girl?---Maybe. Hehe. But I can be your worst enemy especially when I donít like that attitude of yours. I am not perfect. I love searching and doing challenging things. Iím adventurous and having a child like curiosity. I donít look after the appearance of oneís person for there is a saying that what is the beauty if the brain is empty and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They say that I am friendly and humble but most of the time Iím prank. I just want to be who I am but many people donít know a lot about me, the real me Ďcoz I have a very deep and difficult character for having many layers in me. Wanna know mah real name?.. hehe.. fine.. SweetStranger no more.. Serenity Gellaine it is. Hehe..
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