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User Name:Celin
Last Visited On:Jun. 05th, 2006, 05:45:16, PDT
Registered On:March 03, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:stranger_behind_the_hidden_mask
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Name: Hmm i have lots of names, but you may call me Celin, meet my muses if you please.

Avocet: Quick-witted, sharp-tongued and allows for no sarcastic remarks, She rules the world of Me

Darla: Vampire, loves her torture scenes, but is a softy for children

Raven: Animal-ruler, she deals with the animal side

Now for the Alters! (They are people that live in my head that want their story told. They are heard of in The Forgotten Rose)

Ara: In the story "the forgotten rose" read it and you know about her

Kane: Ara's 'beau' his story is in "The Eternal Prince"

Wolf: Not telling :) his story is in "Last Celestial Hunter"

Daguras/Dagerias: Their story is in "Together till death parts us"

Kaito: His story is in "Wrong side of the Mirrror"

Guthrie/Galahad: Watch out...they have their own too! its called "Skin"

Nightwing: a God that has been experimented on, has no rules yet lives by his own code. His story is in the works, tenative title is "Shadow cast into Light"

Now For My Characters:

Dageis: Daguras and Dagerias 'other' brother, he's a work-a-holic (at least someone is) hates everyone with no expections

Xavier: Night-assassin, has 'odd' tastes in lovers

Aristotle Micah Tygre: Part of the Beativa Amoeva, the rouge cast out for not following the sacred rules set by the Fates.

Daula: The number one Fate...be careful he controls who you can be with. If he doesn't like you, he'll find a way to make your life a living hell, He controller of everyone he has ever come into contact with, yet he insists that he can't...it doesn't matter where you are from if you meet him he rules you. (fantastic huh?)

Celeste: Wolfs current mate

Sangre: The controller of blood


Name: Avocet...Lady Alter works just as well


Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue-green

Height: 5'2 (i'm not short...i'm vertically challenged!)

Favorite Books: Manga. The Fire and Ice series, LOTR, The Coldfire set. The Dreamthiefs daughter, The Darkness That Comes Before, (Prince of nothing series) Narnia books, spiritual books (yes the bible, but i'm not religious) Any books about KingArthur, Shakesphere...etc. i read alot

Favorite Bands:Warrant, Savage Garden, Clay Aiken, Guns n roses, Dresden Dolls, celtic music, Eric Clapton, Kenny Chesney

Favorite Car: '66Mustang!

Favorite Quote: "when your life seemsencased in shadow, and youdon't think that you can go on. Remember to have a shadow you must first have light"
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