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User Name:sesshyfanchick
Last Visited On:Mar. 25th, 2009, 13:45:30, PDT
Registered On:May 05, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:location: California

age:15 yo ;D

race:mexican/american (although i'm a failure to all mexicans in the world...i...don't know how to speak spanish...and...people say i look white/asian 0__0)

fav. bands: girugamesh, phantasmagoria, dir en grey, an cafe, gazette...(all japanese vk bands ;D)

fav manga: tenshi ja nai, vampire night, absolute boyfriend, inuyasha, fushigi yugi:genbu kaiden, meru puri, d.gray-man, deathnote, good morning call, chocolat, category freaks, ouran high school host club, penguin revolution, infinity, full moon wo sogashite, neck and neck, the devil does exist, and mahou sensei negima!!

interesting fact: i have a hair fetish. 0__o...long hair on guys is sooo ....orgasmic....o__0

about meh: i have a perverted mind...seriously. but i'm funny like that ;D i'm a very morbid person and i'm really into visual kei...like obsessed. i absolutely love to draw( if u wanna' see some of meh drawings, just type in sesshyfanchick.deviantart.com ) !! and write, read and most importantly sing! i guess you could say i'm multi-talented ;D i dress very strangley, mostly in gothic lolita styles and i am a very odd person...very odd indeed 0__o...

dislikes: big sunglasses, hollister, american eagle, those tiny shoes that everybody wears, humongous bags, pb&j, popcorn and...kikyo 0__o

personal quote: "why u b touchin' my holy presence?!"

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