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User Name:myinterests
Last Visited On:Nov. 11th, 2008, 12:01:38, PST
Registered On:May 05, 2006
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Biography:Hi all! WOO HOO! I am so excited that you want to read about ME! You can stay updated all the time on my stories by going to my forum and checking out what is going on with the latest chapters on my stories. Due dates and sneak peaks are all on the site. http://fanfic.myinterests.com/ ^_^ I love anime, have for years. I write non-fanfiction and fan-fiction. If you want to seen some of my work, please check out my anime site: http://www.wendithoresen.com

I love to write romance, action, drama and more! ^_^ As far as drawing... if you seen my site, you know I love to draw anime! Any how, I'll be bringing some stories and art work over here for you to enjoy! Ja ne!!!
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