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User Name:Cold Black Raven
Last Visited On:Apr. 04th, 2010, 04:59:21, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Important Note: Im thinking on leaving this site. Man this site is so not my choice for writing. Its so weird all the writing material gets mixed up. I hate it!!! But still I have a permanent account on fanfiction.net the updates are there quick too. Here's the link to me account.


Hello great people of this world. This is I, Raven still alive.


Alright alright. I agree I should be dead by now but hey I am an author. No matter how much you disagree on that.

Anyways I've come here with a heart breaking announcement (not something new, I know)

I shall be discontinuing The Choice Is All Yours! for now. (sorry left over readers)

Well I have a reason for that. My mind is too crowded with the updates of my other two fictions 'Rock The Party Tonight!' and 'Me, You, Them And Beyblade'. So I have to discontinue that fiction for now yes only for now cause I don't want you guys waiting for it when I know I wont be updating it. I am sorry guys. That halt will be temporary cause I want to complete the fictions which I know I can complete and yes I will. And I dont want me and my readers to wait just because I am up on the long long never-ending fiction of mine which I have also lost interest in, myself. But no fear. I will update it but not for now.

Thankyou for bearing me. That's all for my announcement.


User Name: ColdBlackRaven

Explanation: Okhay. My username? So not me. Seriously, I'm not cold at all. Im goofily the goofiest person on the planet. Im not addicted to ravens either and puh-lease everyone knows that ravens are black. What was I thinking? No make that I wasn't even thinking.

Age: 15. Yes Im only 15, any problem?

Gender: Female (Like, duh!)

Location: Karachi. Pakistan.

I guess that would be enough personal information for now.


Notes: Okay you might know that I work a little bit quicker on yaoi fictions than straight fictions (straight? Hahaha!) I mean to say non-yaoi fictions. Well so I was thinking of sticking with stuff that Im good at .

One Shots: Im gonna be giving off 1 or 2 one-shots in the coming week. I was thinking of writing a prequel to DIFFERENT. Yup that's me! Im saving Kai/Ray scenes for my fiction. You see every single thought counts. And I was also thinking about Tala with someone. Ladya C. Maxine just makes him all the more apealing. (Love you girl! You're da best!)

That would be all for now.


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