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User Name:cloverfire19
Last Visited On:Feb. 05th, 2015, 19:42:32, PST
Registered On:June 06, 2006
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Biography:I live in Houston, Texas. I have seven horses, and i like to ride. My favorite thing is to barrel race. I love music, especially country, though i listen to everything except rap. I can't stand it. I love to read and write, and i can never get enough of a good love story. Sometimes i'll read it over and over, even if i'm memorized it already.

My favorite Fanfics are Final Fantsay VII and Iunyasha. I think Sesshomaru is totally hot, even if his attitude is cold, haha. I also love Vincent, and don't particularly like Cloud. (I know, don't hurt me. He just comes off whiny and needy.)

My favorites kinds of fics to write are westerns or detective-type stories. I love the idea of the Wild West, and that time period fascinates me. It's sad, but when i think of cowboy, i think of John Wayne. That, or a blue-eyed, blonde-haired football player that drives a maroon Chevy and plans on attending Texas A&M when he graduates high school. Or even Roy Rogers and Gene Autrey. They're western legends.

Hence why i have so far made Vincent a gunslinger. He just seems the type, no? Anyway, that's really all i have to say. Please read some of my stuff. I think you'll like it, if not find it a little entertaining.
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