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User Name:wolfensoul9
Last Visited On:May. 17th, 2008, 22:27:32, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2006
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:Hello, my friends. I am wolfensoul9. Wolves are my favorite animal, 9 is my favorite number, and souls are my favorite concept. If you'll notice, all my favorite stories are of the anime series "Vandread". But more on that later. Personal info time.

Name: You'll have to guess.
Age: 45 divided by 3

Appearance: Right, like I'm going to tell you. (Mom walks in) "Honey, you need to learn to be more trusting of people." "SHEESH MOM, DON'T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!" Well, I guess I have to tell you now. Brown hair. I honestly don't know how to describe my eye color. It's weird. Five foot nine. Glasses (that have been broken for the past year). 129 pounds. I'm a guy. When pulled down, bangs go to nostrils. Umm... what else? Hmmm... I suppose that's good enough.

Pets: Three cats. (One which is, at this moment, continuously licking my right hand and making it very difficult to type.) One dog. His name is Lance. I love dogs. I think dogs are superior to humans. ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE NOT A DOG LOVER I SUGGEST YOU STOP READING NOW! He's just so cute with his big ol' tummy and his big brown puppy eyes! I just want to hug him and squeeze him until I just can't do it no mo'! He's so cute when he wags his big ol' tail and starts to make little doggy whines because he wants me to go outside and throw his ball so we can play fetch! I just can't resist! No matter how much I don't want to at the time, I always find myself playing fetch with him because he's just so cute! Sometimes, when I'm sad, I like to rest my head on his tummy and it's just so big and warm and it always makes me feel better! Whoa, sorry. Kind of flew off the handle there. I do really love dogs, and I think we could all learn a lot from them. I have a German Shepherd. He's sooooo cute!


Color: Purple (people call me weird because if this, but I am, so that's that.)

Animal: Let's not get into that again shall we?

Food: Pizza. Pizza is good.

Drink: Hmm... toughie. I'd have to go with 7-up.

TV show: No brainer. Vandread. Blows everthing I've ever seen out of the water. I'll make it simple. Vandread is to everything else as Heaven is to the Holocaust.

TV show character: Dita from Vandread. More on that later. Much, much later. Seriously, it'll be about a year.

Sexual position: I'm kidding

Fast food place: Chic-fil-a (I think that's how you spell it)

Traits in people: Kindness. Kindness kicks ass.

Subject: Ahh... ummm... lunch? What, I can't use that? History then.

Hobbies: Vandread. You have no idea just how much.

Number: 9. Not exactly sure why. It's underrated. It's right before ten, so it kind of gets left in the dust.

Ways to deal with writers block: I find that playing with Legos tends to really bring out my creative spirit.

I live in Texas. It can get pretty hot over here. Moved here from Indiana. I haven't seen snow in years and I miss it. I love the cold. My prefered temperature is 25 degrees.The first summer I lived in Texas, It reached 115 degrees. Needless to say, it was hot. It can get cold though in the winter, but almost never below freezing. One morning two Februaurys ago, it actually snowed. Unfortunately, it was on a Saturday, and like all good people should know, you sleep in on Saturday. It melted before I got up. Damn.

Unusual oddities: There are many. Most I won't share with just anyone. However...

1. My fingernails grow extremely fast. Sometimes bordering on an inch a month. I have to cut them constantly. Although, I do like to keep them rather long. They are also very durable. Remember that one really hard to open bottle of soda you had once? That one that took you a good five minutes to open? I'm pretty sure we've all had one of those. The amount of pressure I have to apply to get my fingernail cutter to cut my fingernails is equal to that. In other words, I can push it down as far as it can go and still they won't cut my nails. Sometimes, I can serrate them, and in all essense, they are like serrated knives. I can easily make someone bleed pretty badly. Pretty sweet set of genes I got, no? (laughs evilly) Oh yeah, I can do a pretty good evil laugh.

2. My sister, aged nine, produces four times as much earwax as most humans. Not nearly as useful as my nails,though.

3. To all those that know the super annoying song that goes "ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer. You take one down, pass it around, ninety- eight bottles of beer on the wall..." Well, I have personally gone from ninety-nine to zero. It took about forty-five minutes. I've also completed the 150 bottle version. That took about seventy minutes.

So far, I've written only one fic. It's almost done, and personally, I think it's rather good. All fics I write will focus on the series Vandread. If you have not seen it, I pity you. THE best show I've ever seen, hands down, no question. Distant seconds are Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Avatar The Last Airbender.

Updated: "What do you think" now has 200 hits. Yaaaaaaay.

Future stories

I'm planning one more epic. It should be around 30,000-50,000 words. After that, no more except for a series of oneshots on each of the main characters oin Vandread.

As a present for reading my bio, I'll let you in on a little secret. (Insert password here)

Joking. But seriously, I'm not going to just tell you. You'll have to earn it. Just cross out every fourth letter to find out the title of my next story. Note: The letters that you cross out form the title.

Half a spin is not happy, lest fans act on that. Yet, ace used my act.

Note: This profile has been updated five times.
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