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User Name:White Wolf of the Moon Deux
Last Visited On:Jul. 14th, 2013, 13:07:00, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2006
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Biography:Hello all or any fans to my bio *crickets chirp* well anyway let me begin my bio with my Yami's.

Yami Number 1: Wolf

Wolf is a character made explicetly to have random thoughts and say them for know reason. He is in love with the beautiful Hinata.

Yami Number 2: Loup

Loup is a regular crazy french nobleman who decided to go loco. He is completly in love with the beautiful Nami.

Yami Number 3: Ookami

Ookami is a japanese swordsman who gave up his trade to live with me and anyone else i happen to think of. He is in love with the gorgeous Chi.

Yami Number 4: Ray

He is a vampire inspired by the book The last Vampire 2. He has come to me pleading to live in the dark confines of my big floating mansion.

Yami Number 5: Sita

She is not my yami actually, but in a way she is cause she just has the same name as the other Sita. She is a vampire like Ray and they now live with me.

Yami Number 6: Julia

Julia is a white witch who can see far off places in magical ponds and drives herself nuts when she looks in the moonlight. She is in love with InuYasha, Miroku, and is having a fling with Naruto and Sasuke.

Yami number 7 Amaru

I have a new Hikari his name is Amaru. He is just my wolf but he is still part of me he is my favorite hikari of all. He to my knowledge is in love with no other wolves and we will soon find if that is false. He says hi to you all and will show affeaction to anyone except the person who made the canadian flag. For some odd reason all my Yamis hate the canadian flag dunno why though.

Yami # 8 Ataru

He is a sand ninja dedicated to keeping Gara in check and has the wierdest crush on Sita for some reason I still don't even know why.

Yami #9 Ryo

He is the son of the infamous spirit fox Youko, or better known as Youko Kurama now. He just came out of my subcontious and instantaniously developed a crush on Julia who still has yet to acknowledge him, maybe I should set him up with a double date. Sita and Ataru, and Ryo plus Julia.

Yami #10 Akkito Nazuri

He is the latest Yami of mine, and he is just one of my more dark and death consumed people. He has no care for himself or others. The only thing that he loves is death.

Yes for you all my social life is not dead i just like to spend time here.

Bio on just me and my personal habits:

Well all i would tell you my real name but i would have to kill you then. Anyway i like to read Manga, Hang out with friends, Piss of random starangers, annoy the girl i love to death, ride over to my friends who live near me, annoy my friends girlfriends, take out the money i should use on a savings account and use it for other purposes, bore people to death with my lists, listen to the ocean on the side of drink machines *proven by me one day i leaned my head against our schools soad machine and i heard the ocean*, play on Gaia Online for hours on end, and try to think up new ideas for stories that i write.

Wow that was much longer that i thought oh well you people are cursed with the fate of Bootstrap Bill if you don't read my stories *Idle threat* MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough cough*

One day penguins will fly from their home world on Pluto join the clowns and take over Alaska, then Canada, and then the world is thier oyster. Help stop the evil of clowns and Penguin have them put in jail with no chance of bail ever.

The newest threat that i have come across is that the penguin hybrids want to make Canada a real oyster *something about reading my bio* The great idea that is theirs will be put into story form so everyone can read it. Evil powers will be Penguins and Clowns. Good will be the Cast of InuYasha *the show* and thats it.

Also I have to say this if I use my yamis in a story know that they aren't a reflection of me, and I'm not trying to be vauge and put myself in the story.

Damn Candian flag I hate you eh. But I love Canadians they are awesome. I just hate the flag damn maple leaf it's a giant piss me off sign and I want it to be gone.
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