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User Name:killmydreams
Last Visited On:Aug. 11th, 2006, 19:33:32, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2006
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hello and welcome to my profile~!

I had an account on here before, I was known as AngelsPain, but i never updated on that profile so yeah >>

I also have an account at Fanfiction known as "lashingcries" so if you're over there too, thats the reason why you might see a few of the same stories.

Now, onto information:

Name: Cassy

Age: 14

Likes: Anime, reading, music, animals, reading, writing

Dislikes: Meat, hunting, being alone, death

Other things: Well, I'm sure from what you already read, I'm a vegetarian and I am against animal testing. Music and writing both are my lives. I would *kill* myself if I cannot write or listen to music.

I'm insane when it comes to hanging around my friends, I love to role-play and listen to people.

Quotes: "NUUU! NOT THE VOICES AGAIN!"-Tyson (from Beyblade-an RP my friend and I did)

"Penguines are evil!"-Me

"When we meet in the real world, we should dress up as Envy and Wrath..."

"And take off with a cart from WalMart."

"Yeah!"-Me and Cadee

"Smurf."-One of my teachers

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