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User Name:Vampire Queen Kassandra
Last Visited On:Sep. 13th, 2007, 06:00:05, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2006
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AIM Handle:demongirllela
Biography:Name: Kassandra, Kassie, Kass. Whatever you prefer.

Age: I was a priestess of Isis in ancient Egypt...Okay, not really, but don't you know that a woman never reveals her age?

Religion/Politics: I'm pretty easy going, I've got that live and let live philosophy. Or, more of, you live your way, I'll live mine, don't push your beliefs on me. Please. This applies for all parts of my life.

Summary: Do you really need to know this?


In Progress:

StatuesWithoutEyes: They say hearing voices is bad. Very bad. Well, Kagome agrees. She's heard her fair share of voices. But she's not crazy, she's Clairaudient. Present Day AU fic. KagomeKouga, InuyashaKikyo Decided this would be a good multi-fic story to work on.


Statues Without Eyes: The Prologue A serial killer that seems more like a monster is on the loose, the gangs are dangerous as ever, and Kagome's in the middle of it all. One late night she gets ambushed by a gang. Is this the end? Or a new beginning?

TBA (a.k.a. these haven't been written yet or are just not ready to be posted):

Untitled: Inuyasha - Not your typical story of how Kagome gets sent back to the time of Sesshoumaru's youth. After a supposedly un-important fight she gets sent back in time only to find that the well has not been built yet. Stranded, she meets several interesting characters and learns the vampiric twist to the history of the demons. Will she become a part of this history, despite the sense of forboding surrounding her new family? I have no idea if I will post this or not...

Statues Without Eyes: Inuyasha - There's a serial killer that seems more like a monster on the loose, gangs that think they own the city, a wolfish cop and his flirtatious partner, and Kagome's in the middle of it all. When she's ambushed one night coming home from work, will it be the end for her? Or a new beginning?

Untitled: Fruits Basket - A slashy Fruits Basket one-shot inspired by a phrase on a icon I saw on photobucket and a IM conversation with goddessofthenight31. The Phrase? "You're not a effing snowflake. Get over it. ... Yes, the only flakey one here is you..." Okay, not exactly it, but that's the gist of it. Basically it's about the A/C being turned up too high and the lovely sexual tensions we like to imagine between our favourite cat and mouse.

Deepest Fears and Darkest Desires: Charmed - A nice little fic set in the future with a lovely version of Chris (Chris 2.0 we call him) and a OC that we like. lol (See above in the updates section)

I also have some ideas for a red eye fic that involves the manager we all love and a vampire. It's just a baby ficlet idea though. lol

On Semi-Permanent Hiatis:

The Vampire Dreams a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic about vampires and ancient egyptian mythology.


Behind the Mask:The story of a vampire hunter, her friends and sort-of family, her boss, and a vampire king that wants her dead. But will Kagome meet her death? Or find love? I had to take this down, simply because I just couldn't get into the story anymore, and also because it is just not up to my standards. And I've already lost whatever inspiration I had for this story, so re-writing it is not an option.
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