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User Name:iloveanimecartoons
Name/Nick:Kiki G
Last Visited On:Oct. 28th, 2019, 19:11:29, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2006
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hmmm, what to say... I'm originally from NYC and I'm living in MD, again, for now. I'm over 18 and under 1000--have fun figuring me out, k? (LOL!)

I'm ADDICTED to YouTube (and this AMV by LadyYuna99 called 'Anime Love - Kiss from a Rose)!

As my username says, I LOVE anime and cartoons!

My favorite anime saying (for now, neway): Osuwari! --Kagome, Inu Yasha

OH! As of today (7-2-07), I have a new favorite phrase for Inu Yasha...well, no, I guess I'd just have to add this in as a new favorite phrase...hurr it go:

Shippou: One stupid guy calling the other guy stupid.
Hakkaku: Yeah, they're both stupid.
Ginta: Dumb as a sack of hammers.
Shippou: Mmm Hmm.
InuYasha and Kouga: What Did You Say??!!!
Kagome: My tears are drying up fast.

My favorite cartoon phrase: I'm not like most people--pain hurts me. --Daffy Duck, Looney Tunes

I like to draw, write poetry, songs, raps, read fanfiction, listen to jazz, hip hop, old school Rhythm and Blues and rap, chillin' with the fella's watching football or playing Spades, Pitty Pat, Double Solitaire. I LOURVE me some Sorry, Connect Four, Boggle, and Perfection. I like 100 and 200-piece puzzles. I like making t-shirts.

I'm a tomboy and PROUD!

I like kids well enough, I guess. Don't want any, though...LOL!

I love my fam...for the most part. (ROFLMFBO!)

I'm single and LOURVING it! (YES, I DID mean to spell it Lourving. I'm weird, so sue me! **mad cackle**)

My FAVORITE fanfiction authors are: Angelswrath, Sueric, teri botta, sari-15, pardonwink, Dragon's Lover, Deviation, Fenikkusuken, golden_kitsune, Lord Archive, Quickening, Resmiranda, Wolf Blossom, Neisha, and thetangerineotaku (who was the reason I EVER heard of fanfiction, to start with--I read his Oneshot: Strawberries, because I'm a member of Cardcaptorredeemer.com, as is he; then, I visited his page on fanfiction.net, got hooked to the stories. Then, when my PC crashed and I had to try to find the stories I lost on Google, I came across mediaminer.org! I'm so glad I did! I LOURVE this site! If I never found this site, I'd NEVER have read The Lucky Ones, Tales from the House of the Moon, or the Purity series).

These are the ones I've read fanfictions of and/or skimmed and saved their stories for later reading: AngelOfMusic, Angelswrath, baka_mai_28, BelleDayNight, BobbyJustGotSheared, breesasha, Broken Dreams, DarklessVasion, DemonQueen17, Deviation, doggieearlover, Dragon's Lover, DraGonMistress704, Emerald Night, Fanilia, Fenikkusuken, Feudal Teller of Tales, golden_kitsune, Haruka-chan, HondoOokami, ILoveSesshomaru, InuLuv, Lira, Lord Archive, mikage-aya, Monsterlife, Neisha, NovaDemoness, pardonwink, PsyWeedle, Quillwing717, REDSILVERDRAGON3, Resmiranda, shanejayell, shymiko, Simonkal of Inuy, Sueric, terri botta, Urdchan, wickedoni, and YamiPaladinOfChaos.

I think I need a beta.

Ok, I KNOW I need a beta.

Not that I'm a horrible speller, folks. My English teachers all loved me and wanted me to go to college and take English and take it as my major...so, I guess that holds some merit, huh? That, and my love of the Reader's Digest article called Increase You Word Power. ROFL!

No, I think my problem is in not wanting to CONSTANTLY proofread all my stuff. Lazy? Errr, probably...well, at least I'm HONEST! ^_-

I REEEEEEEEEALLY love Pepsi, Kool-Aid, sour cream and onion Pringles, and Breyer's Sara Lee Cherry Cheescake Ice Cream **drool**! LOL!

I have 5 stories in my head, but, since I'm well aware of how mean people can get when a story is lagged constantly(and, I'm such a procrastinator/perfectionist/person UTTERLY prone to writer's block), I digress. But, I guess I should just type the whole thing, save it, then upload it, huh?

Good idea? Yeah...I thought so, too!

The titles will be:

1) 'That River In Egypt' (The land of denial that dwells in Inu's mind and the trials, thereof).

2) 'The Truth About Cats and Dog Demons' (Inu's a Radio Vet--and a BLUNT one, at that--guess what he SPECIALIZES in? LOL! Oh, there IS a deeper plot than it seems. You'll laugh, you'll cry--okay, probably not CRY, but, you'll probably buy catnip! ROFL! Oh, it's got a LOT to do with the past that Inu only gets dreams and daydreams of--lots of repressed memories. And it's similar, in some respects to the movie 'The Truth About Cats and Dogs').

3) 'InuYasha 1/2' (The story behind the story)

4) 'Okay, I've Got Issues' (a fic where Inu gets therapy--FINALLY! Tee hee hee!).

5) A Kikyou/Dr. Suikotsu fic (not sure of the title, yet...or, REALLY, the plot...but, I relly wanted them to hook up when i saw them on the series). Um, yeah, I've got a title, now: 'What Ails'.

Lastly, eventually, an Original work (which will, most likely be my fisrt one), called 'Butterflies and the Net'. It's about a woman with a very sheltered/abusive past, who is emotionally stunted. She has 3 main goals in life, to remake herself, to lose the weight, and to learn what falling in love is like, on HER terms (no, NOT a relationship, guys--JUST the EXPERIENCE...she doesn't foresee herself ever being involved with anyone). Since she's not the most confident/consistent person ever, she decides to use the Internet to 1] become a bolder, more assured/assertive person 2] be motivation to keep losing weight (as she puts herself in the public eye on one of her web accounts, to show her progress in losing weight, complete with all-access comments from ANYONE in a vlog, thus motivating her to keep at it to appease the public as well as be accountable to EVERYONE, in her opinion) and 3] she decides to make a male chat buddy, withholding all embarassing/TOO personal info, from the man she chooses to learn about love from. Now, to find a way to put all this into a brief Summmry, when I get started. LOL!

But, just a warning, do NOT get your hopes up high--I AM a procrastinator and that was JUST the gist of it. Oh, and I type slow as hell, too. Being a perfectionist doesn't really help all that much, either...

Fics I'm STUCK on, right now: Purity 7: Avouchment -Sueric; This Is Gonna Be a Pain In The Butt; -szaugglaughs; The Coyote Child -terri Botta, Par Tout Autre Nom -Deviation, Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse -Fennikkusuken.

My theory on the whole Triangle that is InuYasha, Kagome and Kikyou:
It's not that I hate Kikyou, cuz I don't; her death was pretty tragic (GAWD, I hate Naraku). Her life was one of self-sacrifice, dedicated to protection, healing, purifying. MAN, she seemed so lonely--DEDICATED, but lonely. I love Kikyou as a priestess and a person, in general (when she's NOT around hate/vengence-filled around InuYasha--GAWD, I HATE )--she loves the kids, as I REALLY noticed in the episode whereShe meets InuYasha and only sees a threat to the Shikon No Tama, but, she sees the sad soul he tries so desperately to hide. She never wants to kill him, as she does other demons after the Jewel, but keep him at bay. Live and let live. As a young woman, attraction to the opposite sex isn't a totally foreign concept. Sure, she's a priestess, but she's not BLIND. She feels for him, and though they had a kinda rocky start (sound familiar?), she learns of his mannerisms and she's no slouch, either--so, of course, she doesn't fear his proximity. He grows on her and, with time, she develops feelings for him. I don't think she truly understands the concept of love, yet, as I'm sure with a life as she has, with the teachings and edicts of her life's work, she was most likely told, early on, that a priestess is to be all about her duties. I'm sure she felt trapped, in a way and wanted a life of her own. I'm also very sure that having to guard and purify the jewel, along with her other many responsibilities, was a burden that, as she matured, she found she desired less and less. Basically, she wanted a life of her own. One that, later, included InuYasha.

InuYasha was a loner, lonely in his own right, but WAYYYYYY too proud and guarded to ever admit it, even to himself. Abandoned so early in life, having to make his way, face numerous threats on his life, being hated, prejudged and feared by humans and dispised by demons for being lesser, an abomination, lower and not worthy to live amongst them. Hence his 'I don't roll over for ANYONE' mentality, he trusted noone, he fought, he taught himself to blend in the background and survive. That's all his life boiled down to: survival. Cripes! **shakes head sadly** He meets Kikyou and she grows on him. He's still guarded, but lonely...he finds she is similar to him in that she looks lonely, too. I believe he thought he found a kindred spirit in her. He was still very guarded, but willing to give her a shot, and finding that he couledn't get her out of his head (which, to me, was infatuation/pauppy love--pardon the pun--LOVE means trust and a certain amount of vulnerability and Inu wasn't THERE, yet). He needed to learn acceptance and self-worth. And, I believe he was STARTING to get there, while Kikyou was alive, but, alas, we all know what happened...I DESPISE Naraku! Oy Vey!

Kagome, Kagome, Kagome...**shakes head slowly** She's an interesting one. But, I do believe there was a reason for Kagome coming on the scene. It seems like some weird twist of fate, the more I think of it. She seems to have an intregal part in the lives of everyone in the group (Shippou, Sango, Miroku and Inu)--even Kikyou (I mean, EGADS, she saved her twice and even told Inu to move her away from Mt. Hakureu [can't spell the darn thang!], so she'd survive). My theory is on that Kagome had to come and sive a sort of balance and motivation and meaning of life and the continuation of it, to all of the group. For Miroku, comraderie and encouragement and hope that Naraku would be captured and his kazaana would, indeed be sealed. For Inu, well, acceptance with no strings attached. Shippou, a mother figure and support. For Sango, a sister-like friend who can sympathize with her plight and give her a new family aka the group she invited her into. It seems to me that there HAS to be a reason she came through the well...it WASN'T just chance. After all, the Fates would have to be pretty cruel to make the Jewel come BACk to the past, AFTER Kikyou took it to the realm of the dead via Kagome, 500 years later. I mean, Come ON!

It's all very complex and it keeps me stuck DVRing it to my TV 4 days a week (Hallelujah, Cartoon Network!!) and that's all i have to say.

I've been told I'm poetic...BOTH ways! Tee Hee!

This site RAWKS!!!!

Okay, I've got writer's Block BAD! I can't get the first chapter done on my fic. ARGGGGHHH! Someone HELP ME! Puh-LEASE!!! I'm willing to let someone co-write with me (hey, I ain't too proud to co-sign...lol!); I got the concept, but I've never written a story before (well, outside of really short ones for school--YEARS ago). I'm really rusty, really nervous, and really out of my element. I MOSTLY write poems and songs and raps and I think I'm in over my head, in this aspect of writing. If anyone wants to help me, please email me at iloveanimecartoons@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Oh, I have a Beta, now! She's so helpful and cool and FAST! TY 4 all your assistance, Gaby!

I LOURVE Sueric's forum--folks are so nice and cool and helpful and funny there! Mad shoutouts to Sueric (big DUH!) Kiotsukatanna, Proforce, cutechick18, OROsan, gin-hayashi and Mangaluva! You guys are the sugar in my Kool-Aid!
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