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User Name:ColdBlackFox
Last Visited On:Mar. 19th, 2007, 11:46:21, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2006
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Biography:Hi! I'm ColdBlackFox. I've been writing on MediaMiner.org for a while, but quit for some time, but now I'm back up and running. Hope you enjoy my stuff, and I'll try and give your work a good read as well.

~Current Fics~

Sub-Zero: Betrayal In Blood - May be updated after one or more chapters of Tangled Shadows are completed.

Mortal Kombat: Broadcasted! - Sadly I might let this fic die, or be preserved as a one shot. Seems just too difficult to come up with funny scenes.

Tangled Shadows - Will update soon followed by Sub-Zero: Betrayal In Blood as soon as I get significant progress.

~Fics I want to do in the future~

~Mortal Kombat~

(Untitled) - A lone ninja becomes stranded in Edenia, miserable, finding all trust and hope lost... Will meeting an unlikely companion and their struggle to escape the vast Edenian jungle finally grant him affectionate intimacy? AU, Sub-ZeroxJade

(Untitled) - With the help of Shinnok, Shao Kahn is granted a second chance to take over Earthrealm by being sent back in time, to the events of MK3. However, it will come at a price - the interference of another world... AU, MK/Marvel Comics Crossover (may be posted in Comics)

Scorpion VS The Black Dragon - The tormented ninja spectre will go to any lengths to locate the killer of his family, even if he has to go through each and every one of Kano's thugs...


(To be posted in Spawn) It's The Hardknock Slums For Us (Current Title, Subject to change) - After finally vanquishing his demonic enemies, Spawn is to somehow enjoy the peaceful remainder of his existence. With the aid of the back alley homeless he has defended and stood by for so long, he seeks to relive his human life. Guest starring hilarious stoners Jay and Silent Bob along with potty-mouthed gun-for-hire, Deadpool. (Will be rated M due to strongly foul language, coarse occasional violence, and constant references to mature themes of sexual and drug-related material)

~Marvel Comics~

Daredevil II: Movie-verse. Sequel to the Daredevil movie. Wilson Fisk is being bailed out by a mysterious figure, Bullseye has recovered and gone on a killing spree, and the unexplained return of Elektra raises fear in Hell's Kitchen. Can the Man Without Fear continue to fight evil wherever it may rise?

You can also find me on FF.net under the name NLTTheRealDeal.
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