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User Name:Vilkath
Last Visited On:Feb. 17th, 2009, 21:03:25, PST
Registered On:December 12, 2006
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Biography:Just another avid reader of fanfiction, while I have dabbled here and there with writing stuff myself it is usualy only when I am extreemly bored and can not find anything to read.

As a whole I can't really stand Yaoi, it is one my largest dislikes in fanfiction. It's not the male on male pairing itself so much but what goes with it. Usualy the pairings are the worst possible, people who HATE eachother one minute like Naruto/Sasuke or SetoKiba/JoeyWheeler then lovers the next. The other aspect I tend to hate is the sheer volume of them, some sections like Naruto and Yugioh are nearly 100% yaoi, which often makes little sense considering both series have plenty of hot girls. I can understand shows lik Gundam wing that are mostly male cast..

Only other real thing I hate in fanfiction I suppose is rape, implied or graphic I hate to read it. I consider it an extreemly emotional moment in a fic and if the author feels the need to do it, it should serve a purpose. Especialy 'super power fics' like Ranma 1/2 where he can punch through a wall one minute, then suddenly subued and raped in girl form the next by regular muggers for no reason, illogical stuff like that burns me.