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User Name:blue-lurley
Name/Nick:Amanda B. Lurley
Last Visited On:Jan. 06th, 2009, 20:53:19, PST
Registered On:January 01, 2007
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Amanda Lurley is a pen name. If you're looking for other stories by me - rather, the exact same ones under slightly different titles - You can find me on FF dot net, under 'marisolace'.

My interests (taken straight from my lovely livejournal): abandoned pools, acting, ai yazawa, anime, annie stela, baldur's gate, banjo kazooie, barenaked ladies, bisexuality, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, bjork, black, black isle, boy meets boy, bust-a-groove, cats don't dance, david levithan, douglas adams, dreamcast, ecchi, fallout, frou frou, furcadia, gamefaqs, gold, golden boy, gwen stefani, hall & oates, harry potter, imogen heap, irony, jason mraz, jazz, lee jung hyun, legend of mana, lue, m2m, manga, marit larsen, maroon 5, monster rancher, my chemical romance, nana, nintendo 64, no doubt, olivia lufkin, paradise kiss, park ji yoon, pokemon blue, porcelain and the tramps, princess daisy, princess tutu, rouge the bat, sarah blasko, shiina ringo, shoujo-ai, the killers, tokyo jihen, yuri

Bi/Nottakenbutnotparticularlyinterested/I LIVE ON MARS. MAAARS.

Yeah. That's all. If you wanna know more, drop me a line. I won't bite! At least, not in the bad way. :3
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