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User Name:dreamers-ne-7
Last Visited On:Mar. 29th, 2011, 19:15:59, PDT
Registered On:March 03, 2007
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Biography:We are the 7 dreamers.
Kat- the most hot-headed of the group, yet always there for others. Kurama's mate

Koneko- the one who everyone relies on when the going gets tough, yet dosen't deal well with other people's emotional baggage. Sesshoumaru's mate

Sam- the calmest, yet shyest one of them all. Has no partner... yet.

Wispy- the most spiritual of the group. You can't find her without a book or scroll on another religion. Marron's wife

Endracan- the strongest of the group, a devout gamer. Yami's wife

E.K.- a completly computer obsessed girl with a program for almost anything. Il Palazzo's wife

DAC- an evil entity that enjoys simply harassing
others, and causing havoc, pain and misery where ever she goes. Vegeta's former mate

We know that, despite the fact that these men are ours(not legally, not at all really), we(aka E.K.) tend to write our men into stories about other women. Here's hoping you enjoy them at our expense.

By the way, we in no way, shape or form own the characters from other peoples stories. We only own the stories, and we are poor, so please don't attempt to sue. You might get some lint or moths, but that's about it. Thank you.
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