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User Name:44inu-yasha44
Last Visited On:Jul. 16th, 2020, 18:03:50, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2007
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Biography:So I haven't been here in years but I've been finding myself coming back to read Inuyasha Fanfics for a kind of... nostalgic comfort? I'm not exactly sure what to call it but I also need a creative outlet and it always comes in the form of music or lately Inuyasha stories in my head. I started one story a long time ago Life Of love And Complications, although I loved the story my writing skills were horrible and so was my grammar. Now I'm older and find my stories more detailed and rounded but my grammar is just as bad haha.
Main reason I stopped I got busted by my super religious mother in writing 'Inappropriate' stories about demons and sex; so laughable. But now I'm in collage and am finding myself falling back on old habits for some comfort after long study sessions and exams and such. plus the strange dreams I've been having so I decided from the safety of my laptop, (I say safety in a sense that I'm a closet anime fan I secretly wish I could geek out and watch a crap tone of anime in my spare time)
I dont have an uneventful life I love where I am but I'll always recall my childhood anime and think of all the little stories I made up in my head and especially these 3 elaborate ones I've thought of I think if I finally get them out I'll be at peace with my self.

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