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User Name:anbuman
Last Visited On:Oct. 16th, 2008, 16:34:12, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2007
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Biography:big sonic and naruto and fan

big gamer nintend and microsoft boy *sony sucks*

things i like action and shoot em up games daydreaming writing reading listning to rap uploading youtube videos emailing my friends reading suggestions for my work playing call of duty 4 reading tiny tots of terror ( cant get enough of it )

things i dont like pop ups spelling working being bored bad naruto parings

i am a dude

and am single *cough*

I also love making my own sonic and naruto stories

sonic characters that i hate

big is a dumbass and diserves to become a robot or atleast donate his body to science so we can see if he really has a brain or atleast have to spend an eternity with chris so they can both suffer

I dont hate sally to much but amy and sonic are better parings maybe sally@manic would be good mallic or mally or salic or something else

I am bored wait what does this have to do with sonic characters I hate ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I must be thinking about chris that little brat that whines nostop

and the voiceover people on sonic-x for amy cream tails chris (of corse) knukles and all the other little kids

naruto characters i hate

Orochimaru for being a trans sexual

Jiriya when he is serious (what are you looking at me for like that?????huh???)

guy for being guy

garra for being more goth than mariln mansion

sakura for bieng a little b***h about sasuke

Danzu or what ever the hell that one dudes name was who put sai on team kakashi

sai for being an emotoinless faggot who talk way to much about Narutos d**c

sasori for being half human half puppet freak

haku for making naruto look gay when he called him miss
swift-black hedgehog with silver stripes. can control the elements (water air energy etc.)

drake-a blue hedgehogs with yellow stripes. swifts bro. master archer and anythin ranged

camen- a green wolf that can also control the elements. swifts mentor. later turned bad on us

violet-silver hedgehog with gold stripes. swifts girlfriend that has gone missing ever since camon left.... just some information to help with any oc stories of mine


deshawn was kid napped by akatsuki and forsed to work for them since he could use shadow element but i'll write the actual story so this is all i really need to tell you about him

Alice knew DeShawn as a child and after he escaped the akatsuki her parents were harboring me so they killed her parents


deshawn omni spartan317: rank spartan captin, favorite wepons are S2AM sniper rife with a thermal attachment, MA5B assult wepon, MA5K with a laser target, prefers all to be silenced

Kiera spartan 318- rank gunnery seargent, favorite wepons MA5B assult wepon, JACKHAMMER missle launcher and anything that goes BOOM.

Jaz spartan 316 is my cousins story which is almost paralle to mine
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