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User Name:Crimson Blood Fangs
Name/Nick:Kaze Ryuu
Last Visited On:Jul. 26th, 2007, 20:46:46, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2007
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:DragonDuelF
Biography:Konnichi-wa Everyone!

You guys may or may not know me here. But I'm known as 'King Lykouleon Marik' in this site. All my stories and fan arts will be moved into this new account. I got bored with my old one already. So, yeah... Please look over here instead. Thanks!

But anyways, shall we get to the main part? Well, I wouldn't call it the 'main' part, since I'm not much of an important person to any one of you out there...

So, where shall I start? Oh, yes. I'm a 16 year old teenager, but I'm turning 17 in the next 2 months. [September 14th]

I'm a very lazy person. Most of the time. And I tend to be slow with my work as well. Except for school...

I loved to write fan fictions, thats fan based, original fan fictions, that are fantasy work, poetries and of course, song lyrics.

I loved to draw. Art is forever my hobby... But you know, it might change later on...

J-Rock is forever my life. I started getting into them when one of my friends first introduced me to Camui Gackt. He's the first J-Rock Artist I've heard about. But now, I got a few favorite J-Rock bands of my own: Gackt, Miyavi, An Cafe, D'espairsRay, Asagi, D, Aural Vampire, Malice Mizer, Dir En Grey, Utada Hikaru, and possibly more... I also listen to Metallica, MCR, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Korn, The Red Apparatus, Nine Inch Nails, Within Temptation, and etc.

Oh! I almost forgot. I'm also quite a video game fandom freak myself. I loved the Devil May Cry Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Final Fantasy Series, Chaos Legion, etc. I loved Capcom and Square-Enix games. Two of my favorites. But I just loved anything that keeps me interested for a long period of time. Any games thats violence, gore, bloody, and such like that. Yes, I know. I'm insane. I loved explicit violence you know? And blood/gore of course. Mmm...

Yeah, don't mind me. I have a sick, twisted mind. Especially dirty, perverted stuff. But, quite unlikely, it gives me inspiration most of the time. I'm a hard core, explicit Yaoi fan.

But yeah...

Enough of my rambling.

Onward to the depths of my lair...

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