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My Story
Great Authors
Book Series
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My Story
This is my story.

It is a story of good and evil, love and hate, passion and peace, suffering and sacrifice. It is an adventure, a romance - my metamorphasis, and my song.

It is no less than my story, but it can be very much more, depending on the reader.

The land I lived in was ruled by a King. He was good and gracious, just and perfect - and I hated the very sound of his name. I lived my life outside of his laws, calling down curses on his name, because I despised him. Because he was the King - he was in control, not me. Because he was just, and I had broken his laws too many times to count. Because I wanted his position.

I could never be like him, but I didn't want to be. All I wanted was to have his power, to be the one who made the laws. According to his law, I was an outcast and traitor.

I saw only one way to change that.

There were many, many more like me, and still are, and I gathered them together. Under my leadership we became a rebellion, but it was I who planned our every move, gathered resources and dreamed about the day I would kill the King and set myself up in his place. Of all the outlaws, I was the most passionate, driven by my all-consuming hatred and ambition.

The day I had so long awaited arrived - the day I would feel the sweet taste of victory as I rose to become ruler of all. My soldiers fought long and hard, fuelled by their anger and bitterness at the King who had made such a perfect standard, the one that we could never meet, the one that condemned us to our lives as outcasts. But in an unexpected manouever, the King's forces separated us, then surrounded us.

My rebellion was crushed, my armies defeated. I was taken and cast into the deep dungeon to await the king's orders. But I knew what would happen. The laws were clear. Tomorrow I would die.

The next morning the King himself came down to my cell. In my blinding rage, I spat in his face, cursed him and threw myself again and again against the iron bars of the door. I shouted in rage because he had made the laws - the laws that I could never hope to keep, the laws that condemned me to death.

Then he spoke my name, very gently, as a father speaks to his child.

I froze in shock. I was his greatest enemy. I had tried to kill him and usurp his throne, and he had called my name almost as if...

He spoke again, and I saw the tears in his eyes.

And this is what he said to me.

"My child, I love you. I love you more than words can ever hope to describe. I love you passionately, because I have known you from before the world was born. Even when you turned against me, I loved you. I have always loved you, and I always will love you."

I couldn't move. I hated him - yet he loved me. But there was nothing I had ever done that could make him love me! I had never honored him or praised him, never done anything to bring him pleasure. All I had brought him was pain. Hatred. Loathing.

"I love you because I made you. And I made you for so much more than this! I want you to have joy, purpose, and the never-ending love I have for you.

"But you've broken my laws. They are permanent and cannot be changed, just as I cannot be changed. According to my law, you must die.

"But I love you! You have no idea how much I love you!

"So I have sent my son, who loves you with the same consuming love I have, to take your place. He's kept my every law, because he shares my nature.

"He will die in your place. He will die because he loves you. He will die so that you can live, and live life to the fullest, with me, in my Kingdom and my house. You will be my princess, my child, and my precious daughter.

"Will you come and live with me forever?"

This is a true story. This is my story. This is your story. This is the story of all mankind.

How it ends is up to you.

I chose to go with the King. I accepted his unbelievable sacrifice and became his princess. His child. His precious daughter. And he has given me all the riches of his Kingdom, a place of honor serving him, and a passionate love for him and his people. Even when I forget his sacrifice and my love for him, he still loves me unconditionally. He calls me back and reminds me of who he is, and what he did, and why he made me, and of great things to come. This is what I chose.

Some choose death. They chose to ignore the King's sacrifice. They chose to turn a blind eye to the law, to argue that they had done nothing wrong. And others chose not to listen to the King's words at all.

Life and love, passion and peace, laughter and purpose - this is what the King offered me, and what I chose. This is my story, my transformation, my life and my life's song.

This can be your story.

But only if you choose it.

Great Authors:
Ted Dekker: The world's most amazing living author. Each one of his books is fully capable of blowing me away. Even when I read them a second time. WOW. Everyone NEEDS to read Ted Dekker.

C.S. Lewis: This is a guy whose non-fiction is better than his fiction. Which says a lot, because I LOVE NARNIA and his Space Trilogy is great, too. And guess what? His non-fiction is even better.

Susan Cooper: Writes like Beethoven composes. Beautiful, beautiful prose. Not to mention great epic storytelling and wonderful characters. Will Stanton rules!

Book Series:
Alex Rider: Spies, suspense, great action, fast-moving and funny. All the books have a rather similar plot (Alex saves the world), but I do love the series. Raven's Gate series by Horrowitz is a total let-down. He should NOT write horror. Stick with teenage spies, I like that better.

Maximum Ride: Not works of literature in themselves (what's with the jumpy plot and unneccesary elements?) but a series I like because of the concept and characters. If book 3 lets me down, I shall never forgive James Patterson.

Actually, Max sort of reminds me of Cameron Mitchell (Stargate SG-1), only younger, female, and winged. Scary thought.

Stargate: SG-1: World's greatest team!!! Oh, yeah!! SG-1 rules!! I could go on and on and on and on and on.....

Except for Vala. She is a creep!!! I wish they'd never thought of her!! Yeah, I know, your looking at my penname and scratching your head, but I was Val long before I ever heard of Vala. They even stole my name (sob, sob)!!

House: Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. Two geniuses coming up with a tale to scare you spitless. Should be outlawed.. but I would buy their books even if they were banned. Scarily sweet!

My Fics:
On the Editing Board:
The Canary Conspiracy
Alex Rider meets SG-1 meets World Cup soccer meets my crazy little world. Oh yeah!!
And its ca-NA-ry, not CAN-ar-y.

The Uncanny
SG-1 visits a planet that holds more mysteries than answers. What they find could be Earth's salvation... or undoing.

Such a Time as This
Miranda works in the SGC cafeteria. She never expected that she could be called on to save SG-1 ... and the world. (OK, not quite the world, but it sounds so good!)

In the Works
No Title Yet
SG-1 goes to Texas! They meet up with Ba'al, the Ori, rattlesnakes and rodeos. Yee-haw!

No Title Yet
Fang is keeping secrets: he knows Max's destiny and who her parents are. Because he killed her mother.

Wait for the Beep
Sam is never at home - she's busy working with Orlin to save the earth from the Ori plague. But matters get worse when she finds her neices have tested positive! Also, meet Recarter - I like her/him/it so much I may have to copy right her/him/it/ whatever.

Twilight's Last Gleaming - French Translation
Yeah, I'm all about creative study techniques. Idioms are so hard to translate. Est-qu'il y a quelq'un qui va le lire si je le complete?

Probably Will Never Get Written Because I am so Lazy
Hidden Talents #2:
Sam volunteers at a children's hospital in her spare time. But how far will she go to save a child who is dying?

Hidden Talents #3:
Cameron has perfect pitch and plays a mean cello, but how useful is that when you're leading SG-1? Read and find out (assuming I ever get this written)

Hidden Talents #4:
Daniel... ah, Daniel. Hmm.. haven't thought much about this one. Maybe he secretly enjoys playing Halo even though he's an accomplished diplomat and philologist? Need a little help here..

Just so you know...
All my fics are long (30+ pages 10pt font) except the Hiddent Talents and Canary Conspiracy, which are between 10 and 30 pages, Twilight's Last Gleaming, which is short, Wait for the Beep and What's Your Major, which are between 10 and 30 also. Ok, let me rephrase this: All mine are short (between 10 and 30 pages 10 pt. font) except for Uncanny, Such a Time as This, the Western (which is already over 50 pages and not even half done) and the one about Fang, which will probably end up being a novel.

I'm writing them here so I don't have to in my stories.
I do not own Stargate: SG-1. MGM does (I think).
I do not own Maximum Ride. James Patterson does, except in the story Max says she owns it. I think they may have some legal issues to work out there.
I do not own Alex Rider. Anthony Horrowitz does.
I do not own the Holy Bible. God does... I guess.
I do not own Webster's dictionary, Google, Wikipedia, Shakespeare, or any other reference sources that I use. I'll do my best to indicate where I got info/definitions/quotes that I use.

All that being said, I do own the stories that I write. So, please guys, no plagerizing. But if you're, say, MGM and want to hire me for a script writer, go ahead and ask. Anyhow, all my stories are henceforth copyright 2007, all rights reserved worldwide, blah blah blah.
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