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User Name:Vejhed
Last Visited On:Apr. 26th, 2009, 08:10:07, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2007
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:I am a HUGE Inu-Yasha fan. I've seen every episode ever made and all the movies.
Same with Full Metal Alchemist, which I'm currently collecting the manga for; I'm only up to the first ten right now.
I've seen up to episode 181 of Bleach and the movie.
After the first 14 episodes of Naruto I gave up on it cuz it's boring (even in Japanese).
I like Serial Experiments Lain even though it is widely misunderstood (even by me lol) and think it's one of the more interesting animes out there.
I like Loveless (if they would ever make any more!!!) and suggest any shonen-ai fan to watch it.
I am currently in love with Vampire Knight and the bishie Zero who inhabits it. I firmly believe that he and Yuuki belong together.
I'm about five episodes away from the end of Claymore. I don't really have anything to say about it other than you should watch it if you like artificially created kick-ass girls generally kicking ass.
As for Fruits Basket. It was great right up til the ending. All the way through it was like random happy shojo and then it turned creepy shonene on me in the last three episodes. Hopefully the manga will have a better ending.
Now for Death Note. General awesomeness is all I have to say. I read the first few pages of the manga at a friends house about a year ago and thought it looked really creepy so I stayed away from it. Now I'm sorry I didn't watch it sooner! It ROX!
Ok, Tactics. That show was pretty cute. I absolutely loved the implied shonen-ai between Haruka and Kantaro. In my opinion they make the cutest couple. It's just not fair cuz now I can't claim Haruka for myself!!! Lol
I have read all seven Harry Potter books like three times or more and think it is the best series ever written, and I think Lost is one of the best T.V. shows ever. I've only missed like two episodes since the show started like five years ago.
I love Zelda and any Mario game there is.
Last summer I beat 'Super Mario World' for the 'Super Nintendo' in 2 hours and 10 minutes. (I wanted to see how fast I could beat it.)
Right now I am seriously reconsidering going into entomology (the study of insects). I absolutely LOVE bugs and spiders!!!!!!! Most girls my age (15) don't like them but I think they're cute. Even though I like them I think I have changed my mind about entomology for now.
I am currently being homeschooled (much to my dislike) and I just got a seriously awesome new haircut! Now I just gotta dye it purple!
Yeah that's me... the weirdo lol... (^_^)

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