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User Name:Nasyki Ikysan
Name/Nick:Nasyki Ikysan
Last Visited On:Aug. 13th, 2007, 18:26:47, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2007
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:ikysan
AIM Handle:Nasyki

This is Nasyki Ikysan on my 3rd (of 3) account(s). I am not a n00b to the fanfiction world...actually I have been in it since 2001 (or 2002, I can't remember). My first account on this site was created in 2004.

As far as this account of mine shall go, it will be dedicated completely to my Xiaolin Showdown fandom. That's the only type of fanfics that will have anything to do with this account. I guess the only other thing I have to say is I'm a female, 17-year-old, I have very bad updating habbits but usually I have my chapters finished, I just forget to get them up...

Favorite Couples:


...in that order.

Couples I like to Read:

WuyaxRai (I blame me liking this couple completely on SilentSniper, her Whispers made the couple grow on me)
WuyaxKimiko I'm beginning to write a little in my free time (never seen a fic of it though)...
I have read a couple ChasexJack fics...but...really I don't like it none too much.

There are some other couples that I wouldn't mind reading...but...I'll have to add them as I remember them, humm...other than that, that's really all I suppose.

SilentSniper...my rival fanfiction author. Read her works too.

My Beta readers right now are: Chaos inducer, and crystal tears of betrayal

Information on Work in Progress (Last Updated: Aug. 11)

Dark Waters
Chapter 3 Summary: (6 pages, still writing) __ Have not been very attentive to this chapter due to editing of Chapter 2. --- Something horrible happens, and Omi finds himself lost...in a cave that seems to go on forever. The cave is narrow will virtually no place to hide. Lit by lanterns so not even the shadows can cast an obscured view on him. What can he do when faced with an approaching person? Could it be friend or foe? Meanwhile, Rai will finish with his duties and come outside to find Omi gone. What can he possibly do to find Omi before he gets in over his head, and will he even be able to save him if he can get find him in time?

---Nasyki Ikysan---
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