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User Name:kishitenshi
Last Visited On:Sep. 24th, 2007, 09:37:37, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2007
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Biography:I can't call myself ordinary, for I always seek extraordinary things in all ways of life...probably, the best way to describe myself is just deep. Deep in such a way that I tend to see things through especially when it comes to a person.Deep in such a way, I consider myself not to be higher than anyone else but lower than them, contrast to how I portray myself to others. I like the thought that I am lower than anyone else for it keeps me inspired to be a better person, somewhat like, I see people as a role model and yes, almost every people i get in touch with.As for my social life, I am not that aloof to everyone, but I am not good in opening a conversation with someone I don't know that easily. Maybe, the friendship that we call always starts from the other party, but not me.I have lots of friends in different disposition in life, but I commend the elderly ones since they have this kind of wisdom that really helps me in many ways. As for my age groups, of course, I have lots of them, needless to say that I tend to befriended them all, but unfortunately, not all of them wants us to be just friends...Well you know what I mean.My hobbies are writing and reading too. I've written a lot of stories, stories that pertains on how my heart works with someone whom I tend to put my eyes upon. also in this way, I tried not to voice out my feelings to someone, instead I find it better to keep things to myself, not unless if I can't contain it anymore... So that's me that I just want you to know. There are still parts of me that I really tried to hide because I will hurt people and that's not what i have in mind.
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