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User Name:Ookami_moon
Last Visited On:Jun. 22nd, 2008, 21:25:37, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2007
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Im still living you iddiot!! Ok well...I'm allways called Wolf. Not because i look like one, but because i love them! My favorite bands are Paramore, The red jumpsuit apparatis, stuff like that. I like SD Gundam Force...and a buunch of wierd Canadian shows (I'm up there in the summer)I love swimming...and yeah...ok well i love to swim to the bottom of the pool and hang out down there with a pair of flippers and just swim around with out using my arms (Try it, it's fun!! ^-^)

Ramdom fact about me:
I can (almost) accuratly excacute three common wolf howls. (Lonesome howl, Confrentatonial howl, Pup howl) I love to make my neighedors crazy and get thier dogs to join me XD And i loved this past halloween. Some friends and i went out and I got so sugar high that i started howling like crazy and my friends joined me. One of my friends brough her boyfriend who has personally herd wolves and said that I really did sound like a wolf. ?__? go figure.
My favorite quote was from that same night, it goes like this "Sweet heart, call animal controal there's a wolf loose in the neigheborhood.&quote this was said by a huge guy in his truck and you could see the hunting rifles in the back.

Another thing is my favorite food is sashimi (please excuse the spelling issue) I love Looney tunes and hate Loonatics. If you ask any of my friends i'm almost never seen with out a sketchbook, i'm not saying i'm good, nor am i sugesting it, but i like to doodle and you can't blame me for that. XP Oh and for thoes who are actually reading this, Ookami is Japanese for wolf, so, yeah...i really like wolves...

And before you ask, I know i'm wierd, but i'm saving up to become eccentric XP
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