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User Name:Kurai Mori
Last Visited On:May. 30th, 2010, 23:34:30, PDT
Registered On:January 01, 2008
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:YumeMori, AKA Kurai Mori noun :
1. A chimera that dwells in dark forests.

2. An amateur writer (the kind who writes for the love of it; not a novice)

3. A young adult female with too much education and tropes

4. A collector of tea tins, fortune cookie fortunes, and whatever the OCD commands

5. A chronic lurker

She can be readily found on livejournal. Also known to have accounts at fanfiction, deviantart, and various other social networking sites that she loves her privacy on.

But enough about the person behind the screen and words...

~ Completed Multi-Chaptered Works ~

Blood Duty - Wulf/Kagome pairing. Gift-fic for Ryukotsusei.

Darkling Winter - Talon/Kagome pairing. Gift-fic for Ryukotsusei.

Lost the Real Dream - Yuusuke/Kagome main pairing; Kurama/Kagome, Souta/Kagome family centric; Kurama/Keiko minor pairing.

Of Retribution and Passion - Kakashi/Kagome main pairing; Inuyasha/Kikyou, Naraku/Kikyou, Sesshoumaru/Rin, Miroku/Sango, Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Sakura, Sasuke/Sakura, Sasuke/Naruto, Shikamaru/Ino/Temari, and various other implied/stated minor pairings.

Sunsets Over Mulberry Fields - death-fic. Yuusuke/Kagome pairing.

Tales of the Night - Hiei/Kagome main pairing; Souta/Yukina minor pairing.

~ Complete One-Shots ~

Forever - Team 7 friendshipping. Written for Lady Casper-san.

Longing - Mio/Prince pairing. Desire Climax vignette. Written for Lady Casper-san.

Peace - Itachi/Kagome pairing.

Poker - Hiei/Kagome crack.

Season Nights - Kyrian/Kagome pairing. Gift-fic for yusukekuramagirl.

Sanctuary Nights - Dev/Kagome pairing. Gift-fic for yusukekuramagirl.

Thoughtless - Hiei/Kagome pairing.

The Things People Think - crack, author-insert/non-existent fourth wall with Naruto characters.

Winter Laughter - Hiei/Kagome pairing. Gift-fic for madmiko.
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