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User Name:Lady Nefertiti
Name/Nick:Lady Nefertiti
Last Visited On:Mar. 09th, 2011, 10:47:02, PST
Registered On:May 05, 2008
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Biography:Hi everyone! I'm Lady Nefertiti.

I actually stumbled onto this site by accident. I was searching for something on Yahoo! search and I saw a fanfiction and well I got curious so here I am writing fanfiction.


A/N: This is where I will write updated notes if I haven't been posting for a while (etc).


I'm a licensed cosmetologist and am studying English/business major in college.

I've been writing Anime Fanfiction for a long time and write for pairings in that aren't supposed to belong together...makes it more interesting...besides everyone knows that opposites attract.

Hmm...the only things that I dislike are:

-Fanfic writers who don't complete their stories and leave them hanging for years! and some are so good too!!

-People who have the audacity to diss and criticize other people's fanfics on their grammer and mechanical errors...I mean come on people! It's a FANFIC... not an english paper for college!

-People who plagerize and copy off of others work...GAH!! those people make me so mad. everyone has an imagination so rack your brains and use it!

And thanks so much for you taking your time out and reading my profile :)

Disclaimer: Oh by the way...this goes for all my fics if I forget to mention it in my story... that I don't own any anime ...nope, not at all...
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