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User Name:midnight-assassin
Last Visited On:Nov. 23rd, 2013, 15:22:59, PST
Registered On:September 09, 2008
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Ok lets get started my name you people dont need to know that so lets not go there alright.

Miina: if you can't speak proper english, go to another country.mexicans can speak better english than some of you preschool dropout dumb asses. (I'm one of this person's friends don't mind me ) (I'm kidding by the way. But, seriously, if you don't wanna speak real english, don't talk to me because I will either a. Ignore you, or b. Hunt you down and shoot you. I'm not racist but if you're american, living in america, and STILL can't speak english, go back to 1st grade. =.=)

now that miina got that out of her damn system, a little something about me: I love anime, dark stuff, horror movies (japanese more than most), I read a lot of manga, and i look like a cabbage patch doll becuse I have plump cheeks and if you fuckers don't like it, GO TO HELL... I like going to the library and getting on the computers, printing off anime pictures, and coloring them. I also like reading others fan fictions. And half the time I can't type worth shit ... mostly because I haven't taken a keyboarding class yet. I have awesome friends who are really funny and just awesome to be around. They're, literally, the life of the party. At dances, we're the only ones that dance. Everyone else waits until after we've danced for a while then they finally start going at it ... motherfucking drunks... =.= anywho, I love shopping at any place that sells punk clothes (mainly Hot Topic). [Miina is the one typing all of this up for me I love shopping at Hastings, Sam Goody, and Cartoon Fields (yes... that is a real place... I'M NOT CRAZY ).

Favorite animes: Too many to name. Let's just name some current favorites: Naruto, Hell Girl, Angel Sanctuary, Rayearth, Shuffle, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles... oh yeah and Death Note.

Favorite manga: Angel Sanctuary, Chibi Vampire, Vampire Doll, The Dreaming, Vampire Kisses, Hana Kimi, Crescent Moon, Hell Girl, Pet Shop Of Horrors, Gothic Sports, In The End, and Fruits Basket. I'll add more later.

Things I like:
Hating Sasuke
Hating Sakura
Hating Ino
Eating Ramen
Listening to Music
Hating Preps (Mainly Kiersten [a girl that use to go to my school)
Paper fans

Things I hate:
Sasuke, Ino, and Sakura
Prejudice People
The Government
Chick Flicks
The Rich Girl's Store
People who have to follow an ugly trend just because it's the "in thing"

The Ultimate Weapons:
Metal Pipe
[Miina's: Spiked Metal Bat
Wooden Baseball Bat with nails sticking out of it
Paper fan (don't ask)
Syringe and Marker
Butcher Knife

Favorite Music:
Fly Leaf
Marilyn Manson
3 Days Grace
3 Doors Down
My Chemical Romance
Simple Plan
GC (before they became posers)
Green Day
All American Rejects
Rob Zombie
Krazy Bones
Crazy Frog
Jude Harison
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