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User Name:ArtemisDeLaSoleil
Last Visited On:Apr. 24th, 2013, 15:26:46, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2009
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I'm ArtemisDeLaSoleil!

(\_/) this is bunny
(O.o) copy bunny in to profile to help
( ) him achieve world domination

I love stories that make me laugh so much that i cry and get REALLY hyper!! I'm a random, humorous, sometimes backward kinda gal! I'm a huge fan of Sess/Kag stories becuase I LOATH Inuyasha and Kagome together! Though I am starting to warm up to the fanfics where all of the Inuyasha characters are friends. Right now I am going through all of my stories and trying to re-write them. I have picked up a slightly different style of writing and people seem to like it. I guess when you make the characters seem more real people can relate easier.

Couples That should exist :





Kikyo/Inuyasha (cuz those assholes deserve each other)




Gundam Wing





Sailor Moon






Haruka/Usagi (when they arent related)

Crossover Couples



Usagi/Vegeta (HOTTIE but i dont write it)

Usagi/Mirai Trunks


Usagi/Goku (MAYBE but not always cuz they are too much alike!)



Rei/Wufie (MAYBE cuz if anything I might pair them as brother and sister)


Rei/Duo (only to TEAR them apart with an OC for Duo ^_^)

Hotaru/Gohan (cuz they are both sooo Sweet)



Hotaru/Mirai Trunks


Kagome/Duo (read my stories they are awsome)



DBZ (yes im going there)

Goku/Vegeta: part of my twisted mind since I have recently gotten into yaoi.

Goten/Trunk (Trunks/Goten for all you ppl out there who actually care who the seme and uke are): They just rawk together okay?

Gohan/Mirai Trunks

and i know this one is odd...really and I wont be writing any stories to go with it but I have read a few good ones:


Vegeta/Bulma- I really warmed up to this one. I will not be writing fanfics about them but they will be together in some of them.



Gohan/OC/Mirai Trunks :D




Mirai Trunks/OC

Characters That I Think Should Die!!

Kikyo ( claypot) I am warming up to her in some story settings.

Mamo-baka (rose throughin pansy)

Relena-baka (banshee)

Videl (cuz Hotaru and MY characters are better than her)

Anime Chibiusa "Rini" (i actually like her but they made her so frikin annoyin in the anime!!)

ANNND I sometimes get into the kick of killin off some of the Inner and Outer Senshi...it just depends on my mood who I don't like at the moment. But I NEVER kill off Usagi, Haruka, or Hotaru.

Chichi ( I will sometimes keep her with Goku but only somtimes)

My OC's: I am prone to using the same names for different characters. Sometimes they will act the same sometimes they wont. I am in to making some characters twins because it runs in my family.

Selene/Asahi/NyAsha(Stole the name)/Kurai/Mikhail- As Mikhail and Kurai she is normally Saiyajin or Cathar (Star Wars KOTOR reference). I will normally use her as Usagi, Minako, and Haruka's cousin... but if I feel evil I will make her Usagi's lover. Her hair is normally a shade of red and varied in length depending on the story. Sometimes her hair is silver or lavender (Selene/Nyasha). Her eyes are usually amber in color and she has pale skin. As Asahi she is the Solarian Princess, and a slave on Vegetasai.

Hinokami- My redheaded Martian.

Kouen Daikino [Of Soul mates and Power Children]- He is the power child of Wufie and Duo. Don't know how a power child is created? well you will find out if and when I post the story. have a hard time invisioning him. go read the description of Hino in Fire Within. He IS gay. And I will normally put him with Mirai Trunks or Gohan. His name means Red Flame of Wrath.

Konton [Of Soul mates and Power Children]- He is Chaos. Konton literally means Chaos

Kouen [Animal Instincts]- half Cathar half Saiyajin. Read the story for his bio.

Konton [Animal Instincts]- twin of Kouen. Read story for his bio

Kuro- Another form of Chaos. He is the tortured side of Mirai Trunks' soul.

"Ren"- I put her name in "" because she is actually ChibiUsa. I just changed her appearance a bit. So techinically she isnt mine.

Mikhail- Cathar/Saiyajin.

Hikari-only exists for that one series (if you wanna use her just ask) her hair is silver and her eyes are an odd color. They are light blue with a red ring around them before she was "purified" like Kurai. After that if she was standing in direct light her eyes would be blue but without light they look black.

Kuro- Again only exists for the series. Hikari's twin. Lavander hair balc eyes (to start off and end with) when he was "purified" his hair turned stayed teh same but his eyes turned blue. If your smart enough you will recognize the hair color and eye color of teh charcter and know who I used.

Souron- well technically i only own the name haha the character himself i do not own!

Kage- I own the name. In TFW he is Trunks but is saiyajin/???. i havent decided yet. In another story that is in progress he is Saiyajin/Lunarian.

Tennku- I actually stole the name, just respelled it. In TFW he is Goten and is a full blooded Saiyajin. In BACW/DT he is Saiyajin/Martian.

Kaze- Haruka's sister. She acts like Asahi most of the time which is why Kage and Tennku have this thing about protecting her even though she doesn't need it. She has long curly pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

Kazuo Shiro Tsukino- Usagi's older brother in Mad World. He's about 6'8 in height with WHITE WHITE hair and sapphire eyes. He controls the shadows. I won't give too much away about him since I'm still in the middle of writing the story.

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