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User Name:ISFGProductions
Name/Nick:Teh Narutards
Last Visited On:Jan. 06th, 2018, 00:20:16, PST
Registered On:August 08, 2009
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hai there, we're ISFG Productions. ISFG stands for I Shoot Fan Girls, which is sorta redundant considering that we're fangirls ourselves :P
We enjoy making stories and drawing

Our members are:
Makou(Nichole in Black Butler)
Rei(Yuki in some stories P.S TEH AWESOMENESS! Jacqueline in Black Butler)
Kai(She's always Kai XD)
Keiko(Kayla in Code Geass)
Yotsuba(Shinobu and Melanie in Code Geass, Melanie in Black Butler)
Neko (Cassie/Mathias in Black Butler)

Yotsuba We all live in the American equivalent of Suna(Naruto reference), the Mojave Desert. Its hot as hell out here-.-. So we pass the time by making these stories and drawing, attempting not to be driven insane by the desolate wasteland outside our window
Kai: Well considering that we fantasize about imaginary chara-
Yotsuba: SHH! We are currently revisiting and editing our stories to make them better and snatching a few from our old Quizilla accounts as well. So, chapters are going to be few and far in between for awhile. Not to mention that we (minus Keiko) are all college-bound Juniors and Seniors in high school with extracurricular activities and responsibilities.
Keiko: They got sh*t to do.
Yotsuba: Basically >.< But stick around and read our stories and I promise it'll pay off. We're full of ideas you know?

Check out our top 2 Bleach stories, Suika and The Legend of the 14th Division =]

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