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User Name:Rydia Asuka
Last Visited On:Mar. 02nd, 2010, 09:41:25, PST
Registered On:September 09, 2009
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Biography:Name: Hannah

Age: Twenty

Favourite animé: Fullmetal Alchemist.

Favourite manga: Fullmetal Alchemist/Nora: Last Chronicle of Devildom

Favourite song: 1000 no Kotoba

Pets: (Why would anyone want to know this..?) A cat, Tawny, two goldfish, Art and Flik, a green basilisk, Riku, and a horse, Pretty Boy.

Favourite Games: Suikoden II, Tales of the Abyss, Golden Sun and Star Tropics.

Favourite Characters: Jowy (Suikoden II), Ling (FMA), Rydia (FFIV), Gatomon (Digimon -sweat-), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Yosuke (Persona 4).

Favourite Pairing: Hardcore Luke X Tear fangirl. . .'nuff said.

Righty or Lefty?: Lefty, and proud of it.

I love to RP with people. I just love it (almost as much as I love horses...). My hobbies include a bit of reading, writing/RPing, riding, and video games, among other things. I'm a University student who'd really rather just go riding. However, school is good, don't drop out. I have a job, which is really quite good at interfering with my life. Updates can definitely be slow with me. I like to spend time on all of my hobbies and with my friends. So between that, school, and working, my life is pretty occupied. I also really enjoy reading fanfics and talking on MSN.
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