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User Name:Hearts In Strangeness
Last Visited On:Feb. 02nd, 2012, 20:28:24, PST
Registered On:October 10, 2009
Homepage:Master List
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hello. Before you ask, yes, I am the new profile for Angelina. I used to me tristelianna, but after recieving some reviews about how it was wrong of me to 'put myself into the story' - which, in truth, I didn't - I decided that I needed a new penname, which resulted in me making a new account because they do not seem to give an option for changing a penname. Plus, this way, if someone happens to see a story from me somewhere else, they will know who it is, for I am Hearts In Strangeness on other profiles of mine.

All of the stories from the other account will be put back onto here, though there will be some changes; the main one being that stories will be put in order that they should be read, as well as edited to their best - aka, fixed so there is no mistake about them - and I will be doing something I haven't done yet: I will add some of my original works on here.

There are many ways of getting a hold of me, but the one that I do not want done is going straight for my e-mail. Instead, I would prefer that you use my website to get a hold of me, or - if you have a fanfiction.net account - using that to get a hold of me.

As for things about me, I love to write. I prefer vampires to werewolves - though I can't really stand Anne Rice's vampire novels - and I like to write dark stories.

Though I started out writing Inuyasha stories, I have recently found my calling in writing Twilight, and am working on a Harry Potter stories, as well as several Vampire Kisses stories. I also have a liking to the newest version of Prom Night, and have a series dedicated to it.

Also, you may notice that I've only put up one chapter for each of the stories. That is because you need to review me and say please update if you want another chapter, for most of the stories, not all, have a few chapters already done, and I am just keeping myself from putting them up until I know people are reading.
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